Where can I learn this lighter trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by formula, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. On this weeks Wizard Product Review they show small segments of the new Ash & Ember. At 4 minutes it shows a guy extinguishing a Zippo flame, proceeds with the ring trick and then when he gestures back to the lighter it re-ignites. You can watch it here http://youtu.be/S9ZadDwyV6Q?t=4m

    I've seen this a handful of times over the last few years but have never known where to learn it. Would anyone share the secret with me or point me somewhere that teaches it?
  2. Look up lighter magic trick on youtube and the first few zippo ones will show you how it is done its pretty simple but only works with a zippo, i prefer a bic lighters for magic though
  3. i don't know where it originated or even if it was a magic trick at first or just a bar stunt but i'm pretty sure you just push the wic aside slightly so the flame gets really small and tap the lighter again to get it back in place. you could probably just google it actually
  4. I wasn't sure what to google as there are lot's of lighter tricks and lighter 'trick' videos.

    Thank you for your replies, I shall have a search.

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