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  1. Hi my name is Ash I used to be into card magic mostly praticeing cheating at poker [never done it for real tho].
    Any way I stoped about 2 years ago due to not having the time to pratice.

    But for a wile now I have been trying to find something that was in a ebook, I think it was one of madisons but I cant be sure all it was, was a little saying or something but its been bugging me for a wile now it' goes something like

    in the eye of the devil basking in deception

    But with more to it than that.

    can any one help and old friend to the card world?.
  2. Wonderful grammar. Please try to keep it cleaner in the future. ;)

    It is probably one of Daniel Madison's PDFs. I would suggest PMing or emailing him and asking him directly.

  3. If you want the literal meaning then ill give it to you:

    "In the eye of the devil" - not much needs explaining here, basically being watched by the devil.

    "basking in deception" - basking is a direct synonym of bathing, and that is being used metaphorically, so surrounded by and/or relaxing/enjoying the deception or lies around you. The phrase 'basking in' can also refer to taking solace from the thing you are basking in, or even using it to your advantage.

    Not that cryptic really, all it really translates down to is "being watched by the devil whilst taking satisfaction from the lies and deceit surrounding you".

    Hope that helped.
  4. Are you asking which PDF this is in?
  5. Yes, that's what he's asking.
  6. There's a map on the Declaration of Independence!?
  7. This is a bunch of crap of a question. Can you rephrase it somehow to make it less of a bunch of crap?
  8. I think what he's saying is that there is a piece of text in an ebook, that he thinks is Madison's, that goes something like this

    "in the eye of the devil basking in deception"

    Except there is more to the saying than just what's in quotes, and he wants to know what the whole saying was.

    I can't answer his question, but hopefully I clarified properly so that someone else could.
  9. This is my question sorry for any confusion.

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