Where to go after Bobo.

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  1. After a break while getting my life in order I have been rebuilding my book collection. I picked up the Bobo book to start back into coins. What other books for DVD's should i look at to supplement what I can learn from this book?
  2. Sick by Ponta the Smith
  3. Metal

    I feel that Eric Jones' Metal Trilogy is the definitive collection of all that is great in coin magic today. After a 30 year break from the hobby myself, that set of DVD's, for me, took Bobo into the new Millennium while still honoring the great classics of magic.
  4. David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, Richard Kaufman's Coinmagic, Rune's World, any Dean Dill, Kainoa Harbottle, the New York Coin Seminar series, Shoot Ogawa, John Born. Off the top of my head, you can't go wrong with any of these.
  5. I also recommend Coinmagic and Expert Coin magic.
    Michael Ammar has some nice stuff in his book too.
  6. David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, Richard Kaufman's Coinmagic are the only preference of mine
  7. Well Sick came in the mail today and I have to say i would have paid the price just to watch him work with out the how to. I really love the set of matrix he does at the end and got my brain working. Started to write the patter and routine to go from cards to coins. seven effects the flow nicely together. If i get it done in time, I think I'll show it at TAOM this year.
  8. Get your hands on as much of Chris Kenner's works as you can!
  9. Shh. Shh. Just shut your mouth and get Coinmagic by Richard Kaufman. I even have an extra copy if you would want to work something out. It's one of the best coin books I have ever read.
  10. what the book of Coinmagic by Richard Kaufman you have mentioned is a gift to me as i am getting the read done while there is each word coming with the learning, i am quite new to catch up with

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