Which cards are worth buying now?

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  1. I have a blue bicycle masters edition that I've bought from my local magic shop and it says "UV500 || Air-Flow" on the side, are these the old ones? If they are, I really can't tell the difference between them and the normal Ohio bicycles.
  2. i believe those are the old ones, and in my opinion, they last longer
  3. The Bee stingers are said to be made on Aristocrat stock and they're great (I'm not talking Frosted flakes) The bicycle Titaniums are really good too.
  4. not to be repetitive, but the cards from CARC are excellent, get those of ebay or somethin
  5. What are cards from CARC? I tried to google them and search on ebay and I found nothing.
  6. CARC = The Conjuring Arts Research Center
  7. thanks, and they are excellent
  8. What about the arrcos from pokerstud52 right here:


    I've heard that arrcos are really nice cards but again the Ohio Kentucky business got me all confused again, because on one hand people are saying that these new arrcos are absolute crap (ok a bit of an exaggeration there :) ) and the old ones are awesomly awesome, but on the other hand the seller himself is saying that these new reprints are every bit as good as the old ones. So what do you think? Is he telling the truth or he a liar like any proper seller is supposed to be?
  9. I messaged him about it awhile back:
    "Are these the old, discontinued arrcos, or are these the new reprints of the line that includes the black/green ones?"

    the response I received:
    "These are the new reprints, not the old ones. (The old Arrcos are very tough to find and expensive).
    These are actually the "second edition" reprints. They were printed on a different paper than the first reprint. It is the same paper used for nearly all of USPC's custom decks now.

    Thanks and best regards,

    I didn't actually end up buying them, so I can't vouch for them in comparison to the old Arrcos, but that's what he had to say.
  10. Thanks for the info :). But by custom decks do you think he meant ellusionist/theory11 kind of decks? If that's what he meant that would be really nice.

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