Which Sankey products are worth purchasing?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by AKong, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Which effects get the best reactions? Thanks!
  2. My absolute favourites are Sankey Very Much, Hemispheres, Revolutionary Coin Magic, Sankeytized Volumes 1-2, Anytime Anywhere.
  3. That depends on what you want? Do you want his stuff that is incredibly impractical and lame, or the stuff that is actually practical and enjoyable for the audience.

    Front Row Sankey, Paperclipped, Airtight/Airtighter(which is a better more streamlined version that is on his Restaurant dvd) and I'd say that's about it.
  4. Cool, thanks guys. One more question, is Insider any good?
  5. Vanishing inc. will release a series of books covering all the stuff Jaynkey has ever published. A 'Complete Sankey'. IMO better value for the money than purchasing hundreds of one trick DVDs.
  6. Cool, when will it be released?
  7. Here are my top 5 choices for anyone who wanted to invest in some Sankey material.
    1.) secret files
    2.) The Very best of jay Sankey
    3.) front row sankey
    4.) revolutionary coin magic
    5.) anytime anywhere
  8. AFAIK in 2011, end of the year. I got a mail from them recently, bu I don`t have it anymore.
  9. I know it isn't an effect but his book Beyond Secrets is a super read with lots of practical advice.
  10. I got Revolutionary Coin Magic...I'm trying to get rid of it now. (sell it)

    Just not really a fan of Jay's style.

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