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  1. Ok so my White Lions decks just arrived today and am totally blown away by the quality of the cards. And the deck box is just gorgeous. So I was wondering what everyone elses opinions are on the deck. My only downside to the deck is the back design. It's sleek and cool however it just hasn't caught on yet with me... So tell me what you guys think of your own (If you have them yet)
  2. I have unfortunately been unable to get my hands on a deck, but from the pictures i have seen online i am in love with the box design its simply stunning. It has that kind of old school cigar type look to it (at least in my eyes it does) and i just love it. As for the back i'm not that big of a fan of them myself either.
  3. I felt the same way about the box. Let's just not bring it to school and have them mistake it as a cigar box haha. However if they do I can show school security some tricks :p And uhmmm...ya the back design isn't catching on right now. Right now it's my favorite deck box design of all time. It's just unique as it's not like the other decks coming out with the super complex box design. Makes it looko like less of a custom deck in my opinion (which is good).
  4. imho i love the backs!!! very simple, very clean, which is a good thing imo. One thing i was REALLY disappointed about is the lack of different pip designs. I am so sick of looking at the same thing in almost every single deck there is. That, however, was just wishful thinking when i was hoping for different pips.
  5. Now that you say that it would of been really cool to make the spade pips like the ace of spades with the lion.
  6. I like the deck very much. I was surprised to see that every deck in my brick was signed, also. I performed tonight, and the cards didn't let me down at all. The effects blew people away (much profanity), and the cards beefed up my confidence with their sleek design and beautiful handling. Great cards, seriously.
  7. I was looking forward to getting mine this week.....until I received an email saying they have been dispatched today.....
  8. i didnt even think of that, but it would have been AWESOME. Dblaine i hope you're reading this lol
  9. also thought id add that this deck has my favorite joker of all time.
  10. The Joker is quite nice. I just can't decide if it's and alligator or a lizard... it makes me laugh when i see it
  11. ive only opened one of my white lions so i dont havent compared them, but are the jokers exactly alike? one of mine seems as though it has a random extra rain drop to the right of the lion.
  12. They were all shipped days ago ... we only just managed to input all of the tracking numbers yesterday. You should have them very soon if not already.

  13. The Jokers are awesome. They were designed by Mark Stutzman and that's an alligator. There's more to the joker than meets the eye tho.
  14. The deck still has to look classy so we decided to use classic pip designs. If the pips were different from what a layman is used to seeing, they would immediately know it's an abnormal deck and would attribute the magic to the deck and not the magician.
  15. Thanks for the info Doug. I'm in the UK though so it's 1-2 weeks before I get stuff from the states, looking forward to playing with them though.
  16. I really like the classic look of it all. At first, I wasn't too thrilled about the back design from the pictures, but after actually holding the deck in my hand, I really like the back design now. It looks like a normal deck, yet very classy and elegant. If it wasn't limited, I would have used this as my everyday normal deck. I think this deck takes many steps forward in deck design.
  17. We will be releasing more very soon.

  18. I can't figure out what else there is though!! All iv'e noticed out of the ordinary is the lion has a spade tipped tail but thats it...
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    awesome deck...
  20. Like what?

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