Who inspired you?

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  1. A guy called Dominic Wood, who was a childrens TV presenter in the UK but also a champion magician, inspired me to start when I saw him on TV when I was about eight years old and I haven't stopped since.

    David Blaine (who i first saw at about 13 years old) and Paul Zenon (another UK Magician) made me realise magic could be 'cool' meaning i didn't quit once i reached my moody teenage phase.

    To this day these guys are probably my favourite three magicians. Especially Paul Zenon, he's like Blaine but with a less serious presentation and more of a practical joker attitude. Seeing his one man show live when i was about 17 was one of the best things ever.

    Nowadays a lot of people inspire me to keep going, too many to list, but i never would have started if it wasn't for the three guys mentioned above.

  2. Derren Brown inspired me most ,but when I found Davenports magic shop, I did not know what books on mentalism to buy so I just bought some cards and royal road. I have always been a fan of gambling and confidence tricks from about the age of 12 so that kinda helped.

    Today, the most people that inspire me are those that perfect their art, that inspires me to perfect my art. Example, all the Rocky movies or Ali, both those movies inspire me to get up and read a magic book or practice.
  3. I used to see a lot of magicians doing all kinds of acts as a kid.

    The first name I can really point to, however, is Billy McComb. Sadly, that was not in person.
  4. David Blaine and Paul Harris together molded me into the magician I am and wish to become. I take inspiration from each and every magician, musician, artist, that I see though. So many things to take from so many different forms.
  5. Who Inspired Me

    I would say the seed was planted with Copperfield, then I saw Mind Freak and was really interested in magic.. then in my looking found some DB stuff and that put me over the edge. I really like Blaine's organic style.. it definitely inspires me.. I get inspired from all over the place now.. I really like bSmith's stuff.
  6. when i told my Magician friend Pavat Tiranaprakit that i wanted to learn magic he bought me the Royal road to card magic and let me borrow tons of dvds and books
    and he would make shure i learned everything right before i tried to perform. because he was so kind and supportive i fell in love with magic and would practice card slieghts every waking hour that i wasnt in school until i got as good as him and now i joke with him because he cant do as good of a pass as me and stuff like that.
  7. I'm going to say a few tricks from my dad inspired me to start learning, Copperfield/Angel/Blaine inspired me from TV, and more recently there are a lot of guys who inspire me for different reasons.

    The most eye-opening, inspirational tool I've ever had though was watching a Horrid professional magician in a restaurant. I didn't mention I was a magician, and let him perform for me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend loves magic, but hates bad performances (also hates to know methods), and she literally cringed at one of this guys tricks.
    Knowing what he did wrong in his performances inspired me to pay attention to performers styles and learn what laymen like and don't like about magicians. :)
  8. I've been in the magic world for about 3 years now. I've been performing for 1.5 years, stopped for a year, and just started back up.

    Who sparked my fire and interest in magic? Irving Quant... His love, dedication, and knowledge of the art just propelled me deep into magic.

    Love it....
  9. Hmm... That is a tough one. I really would have to say that I was inspired most by magic shop... As far as the magician who got me "REALLY" into it (not just on and off) would have been Jay Sankey. To date I own almost EVERYTHING he has ever put out.

    As of the moment? There are a lot; really though, my top inspirations have to be...

    1) Andrew Mayne
    2) Jay Sankey
    3) David Regal
  10. Well.. Who inspired me? It was around 2 years ago when i was 14, A kid at my school did something unbelieveable... something that I thought was impossible. It just hit me so hard It made me think about things. How this was possible? And then i decided to talk to him.. The trick i saw was the first thing I had ever seen for magic, He pushed a coin through a water bottle that i was drinking out of. Yes it was amazing when i first saw it and that inspired me to learn the art of magic.

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