Whose Tricks Are These?

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  1. Hi guys, I was thinking about two card tricks that everyone performs. The Two Card Monte, and ACR.
    Does anybody know who created the 2CM that most magcians perform today. So many DVDs and books teach it, but whose is it?
    Also, many magicians have made moves and had variations of the ACR, but does anybody know who was the first person to do the routine?
    Thanks in advance. I think it's great to know the history and creators of effects we perform. :)
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    Wikipedia has info on the origins of ACR at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambitious_card

    There is a thread at the cafe which discusses the two different versions of the 2CM (the gaffed version and the effect that David Blaine popularized which is often referred to as 2CM but is credited as "Be Honest What Is It" by Eddie Fechter (although there is debate about it on the thread) at http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=246001&forum=203 and http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=97243&forum=2

    It is definitely cool to know the history of an effect and see how it evolves as other people contribute their ideas.
    Take it easy.
  3. Card magic is really fun and amazing sorry but I really don't have any idea...
  4. Two Card Monte as performed by David Blaine is "Be honest, what is it" by Eddie Fechter. It was originally Published in Magician Nitely in 1974. And you can find it in "Fechter: The Magic of Eddie Fechter" by Jerry Mentzer.

    Ambitious Card is more difficult to pinpoint. The version most people perform in part (using a DL) is from Dai Vernon in Stars of Magic, Series 5, Volume 2 (1949).

    However, there are some earlier versions.

    Lynne Serles - The Jinx (Summer 1936)

    Annemann in Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (1937)

    Dai Vernon, Arthur Finley and S. Leo Horowitz in John Northern Hilliard's Greater Magic (1938)

    Hugard and Braue - Expert Card Technique (1940)

    Arthur Buckley - Card Control (1947)

    Hugard and Braue - Royal Road to Card Magic (1949)

    The "tilt" or "depth illusion" that we use in our ambitious card routines is credited to Dai Vernon and Ed Marlo but may have earlier roots.
  5. Thanks a million guys. I'll check out Eddie Fetcher, I haven't heard of him before. Thanks again:)
  6. Eddie Fechter has some very interesting magic for the most part it is very simple and hits very very hard.
  7. The only place I could find The Magic of Eddie Fechter was Magic Methods. The site was weird and as I scrolled down, the font got bigger. Have any of you guys ordered from there, I'm a little skeptical of the site.
  8. Oh really...I've never did try to visit the site...Can you give a link?
  9. In memory of Eddie Fechter, there`s the yearly Fechter`s Finger Flicking Frolic Convention (FFFF)

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