Why Cardistry?

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  1. First off, I am not downing cardistry, please don't think that.

    Anyhow, why cardistry? I mean, it isn't magic...it isn't like you go up to someone and say hey watch this, and perform a cut lol

    I can do some stuff like:

    Thumb fan
    One hand fan
    Molecule cut

    and a few false cuts.

    The reason I am asking is because I am debating on either Genesis v1, or some new magic. I am leaning towards some new magic, just because I really don't see the point in flourishing
  2. I asked myself that exact same question a very long time ago. I cannot directly answer that but I can share my own little experience.

    After reserving enough patience to learn a few card moves, I still could not answer why any of it mattered; however, I knew that Cardistry made me happy, it entertained me the same way I once entertained others with magic. Cardistry was to me as Magic was to others.

    I realized that it could be so much more if one was willing to put in the time and effort. I began to appreciate it more and more until Cardistry was all that I pursued. I realized the point did not matter because it made me happy - I loved it then just as much as I do now.

    Theoretically speaking, if I was locked in a room for all eternity, I could entertain myself without ever being bored. That answered my question as to why it all mattered.

    -Andrei Jikh
  3. Well, you can ask the same question for all the jugglers, fire eaters, sword eaters, etc. out there.

    But for me, it's something to keep my mind off of things. It keeps me busy and I won't think about how tough college is and why I got an F in Physics last week.

    It also lets me express my inner creativity in a way I can't express other wise. I play the trumpet, so I already put my heart out through my horn, but sometimes, I can't release my inner thoughts through sound and a physical art form such as cardistry allows me to do so.

    Plus, it just looks absolutely amazing.
  4. why juggle? i cant play catch or just toss a ball up and down. why take it further? its how we answer the question "why cardistry" that defines how we do it.
  5. People enjoy watching it. :)
  6. well I do it as a hobby and to strive to get better than other people but its really up to what do you like to do more
  7. Do it because you want to do it, or dont do it because you dont want to do it. If you enjoy it, and it appeals to you - why not? Even if you never show a flourish to anyone, its still worth practicing because you want to get better and enjoy it more.
  8. Are you sure spending time on cardistry isn't the reason why college is difficult or why you got the F in physics?
  9. Before I was a flourishing enthusiast, I was a magician. As of now, five years and no longer going.

    Cardistry, unlike magic, is meant as a tool for self creation, self expression, and self progression. It's an art form that takes time and experience, and for some reason magicians just can't seem to understand that.

    They say flourishing/cardistry is just showing off with cards. In my opinion, Magicians are just as pompous. The truth is, Magicians do what they do because they get a rise out of seeing their hard earned practice pay off in the form of fooling the crap out of a spectator. Some claim, "I do it because it brings joy to my heart to see them enjoy themselves, to make them feel like a child again". Yes, in other words, it brings joy to your heart to fool the crap out of them in such a way.

    In that sense, I can also say that Magic is totally useless. But I won't, and I don't think it is, because like Cardistry, it's an art form.

    I personally do it because it is visually appealing to me, and it feels great to create your own unique flourish. It's also a great relaxer, and I doubt the fellow up above failed Physics with an F because of Cardistry. Manipulating a deck is subtle, it's not a profession (for the 99% of us), it's not physically or mentally daunting, and you don't need to spend hours upon hours each day doing it.

    As for if you should get Genesis Vol 1:

    Do you really want to give Cardistry a spin???... is the question.
  10. Thanks everyone for the responses. A+Paradox...YES I DO!!!

    To Andrei Jikh...I just bought your Genesis DVD yesterday, and I am loving it!!!
  11. Because it looks way cool and if you do it right you can ShowOff™ to your friends or record a video and upload it to youtube.

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