Wizard - DVD

Feb 18, 2011
Hello all!!

If you enjoy my magic then Im very, very happy to tell you that I have a pretty dope multi effect DVD coming out soon!!

The Trailer - http://youtu.be/dWPgPOT59xI ( watch in gorgeous 1080 HD..its pretty and stuff )

Here are the details -
If you were a true wizard, what would you do? The incendiary, ostentatious, and masterful magician Dalton Wayne answers this question in his first compilation, Wizard. Here, you'll find four incredible new illusions; each developed and taught to you in intricate detail by Dalton Wayne himself. These include:

Snail Garden -- An unforgettable shrinking coffee cup! Resize any paper coffee cup, even with liquid inside!

TRON CAT -- Jealous of your friend's milkshake? Give them a lesson in drainage with this straw-elongating illusion. Make any ordinary straw grow to twice its size! Shrink it back and hand out the straw as a souvenir!

La Bonita -- Wake up! With this amazing animated illusion, Dalton shows you how to wake up Starbucks famous mermaid mascot.

1 2 3 Of Me -- Bend reality with this crazy vanishing straw wrapper! Show a straw 360 degrees, and astonish your audience as you make the wrapper disappear and reappear before their eyes!

If these four breathtaking illusions weren't enough, Wizard comes with a free BONUS TECHNIQUE: The greatest card control ever created. Period.

I love alllllll of you ^_^ thank you! And I really hope you enjoy!

Jun 17, 2012
This is like an early christmas present to me :) when i first saw the trailer i couldn't wait, and the bonus, well it's a nice bonus :)
Oct 13, 2012
Super nice, awesome, cool, etc. I really like it. But I hope that these tricks do not have extremely small viewing angle, like many from that site.
Jan 8, 2010
Dalton, are you a professional working magician? Or do you have a day job and create magic when you're not working?
Feb 18, 2011
Dalton, are you a professional working magician? Or do you have a day job and create magic when you're not working?

Awesome question ;)

I don't like using 'professional magician' but I do pay my bills by it, guess you would say so haha.
I have a show at Disney World I do ( thats where I practice out my new tricks I come up with daily )
also Im a full time student in a art university soo I would say magic is paying my bills and school, Im doing it full time so if that makes me a 'professional' then I guess so?
And as for creating, I never have time in my day when Im like, from 10am-2pm I work..then I can create for 2 hours..then head to class.
It doesn't really work like that, Im always creating. Im not trying to sound egotistical but just thats how my brain works.
Just always looking at things and thinking " If I could really do magic, what would I do with that?"
So you kinda always have to be in the mind set of creating magic 24/7 with no stopping. Even while you're dreaming ^_^
Also Im at Disney World everyday, the most magical place in the world! So Im kinda surrounded by inspiration and magic every second. Im kinda spoiled in that sense :p
Hope that answered your question!
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