Wynn Deck Release Window : Starts Now

Dec 11, 2007
I got 3 right at 11:00 :)

Along with another guardian deck.... I have an order of 2 gaurdians that havent came yet, so im expecting a theory11 deck filled week :)
One Wynn

I got one Wynn deck with One Guardian and the CARNAHAN FAN.

I was glued to the Official U.S. Time http://www.time.gov/

Waiting for 11 EASTERN.

I wanted to buy other things but I didn't have the money or the time.

Next time, for those who want some Wynn's, if you want to buy something else you should put that in your basket before the Wynn's come out or use the official Time page to be one of the first to get a Wynn deck.

This was great, hope you had the rush of trying to get a Wynn deck.
Dec 24, 2007
Aww man..... I was one hour off, crap, i thought it was midnight est............
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it was the first time that i saw the buy now button but my dad would get angry if i tell him to buy it cuz its 11 here and i had to sleep. I was starring at the wynns the whole 4 min. It was torturing me. And for an hour i'm all stressed! All the hype is killing me.
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