WYNNS New editions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James555, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. The seller is from China, what does that say to you?
  2. Look at the grammar of the description. They are likely fakes.
  3. Yeah I figured as much, as regards to the grammar I think that is just a foreign issue, pretty sure these are fake now, I saw the bid history and it seemed peculiar. Check it out.
  4. wynns with the BEE logo isn't a hint?
  5. What do Wynns with a Bee logo have to do with anything? The brown Wynns are Bee. So are red and blue Wynns.
  6. actually guys the black ones are real but not the type we are used to {the ones with the logos on the back}
    these ones have the diamond back style that is black and says wynn on the back
    i personally own one.
    but yes they are real
  7. If you scroll down, he has pictures showing the black and green wynns with the logo (not the ones you're referring to), as well as brown wynns.

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