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  1. So I decided to buy Xavior's Raise Rise tutorial even though I know it is beyond my current skill level because I think it is such a cool effect I figured I might as well use the early bird discount.

    I have to say that, as always, I am pretty impressed. Xavior is such a good teacher. He explains everything very well gives tips and tricks on how to learn the moves, exercises you can do to help you get there and even goes into details over the prerequisite moves.

    I also very much enjoyed Xavior humbly going over the origins of the move, giving all the credit to the creator and explaining how that project became a pet project for him.

    There is a ton of bad video content available these days (both for free on youtube AND in paid tutorials) but I want to tip my hat to Xavior for the quality of what he produces.
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  2. I bought it on Friday and have been practicing all weekend it is a knuckle buster and it nacky but it is incredibly powerful. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a hard but amazing slight.
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  3. Xavier is a pretty chill dude. He showed this to me in person at magic live and I loved it! Hard as heck to perform but definitely a good lesson in humility and understanding of how to release a slod product!
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  4. I agree with the others. It’s very well done but extremely difficult. Not for the beginner (like me) but I like what he does and will support his stuff. I’ll spend several months with this before even getting close. His beginner tips on the double lift, Marlo tilt and obtaining pinkie breaks are almost worth the cost alone.
  5. I saw the ad for this.

    I have Ray Kosby’s Impossible Card Magic.

    Is Xavior’s Rise a variant or a re-teaching of Raise Rise
  6. A re-teaching with Xavier’s subtleties as well as variations on the original like a multiple card production and stuff.
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  7. I’m going to have to check this out then if I can get my head on straight learning Raise Rise again
  8. Yeah it is not easy at all but a fun one to play with and if you can get it it is super visual and really blows peoples minds!
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