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  1. In 1997, David Blaine took the art of magic to new heights with his debut television special, Street Magic. He presented a genre of magic that was organically fed by pop culture’s own dynamic surroundings. It was live, on the street, in your face, and uncensored. People actually believed in his abilities. He was a "magic man" capable of anything.

    As organizers of Magic-Con, we are honored and privileged today to announce that David Blaine will be joining us for our breakthrough 2010 conference. We have arranged a very special interview with Blaine and we'd like to include all of you.

    Here's how. We know not everyone will be able to make it to Magic-Con this year and therefore, have decided to open up part of our interview for questions gathered online. There are two ways to participate:

    1. Join us at this years conference and ask your question in person.

    2. Submit your question online right now by making a video and submitting it here.

    You read that right - simply make a short video of yourself asking YOUR question for David Blaine. What would you ask David if you had the chance? We will choose the best of the best questions to be asked at the conference - and answered live by DB.

    Be sure to enter your email address correctly on the submission form. If your question gets asked, we will try to email you to let you know! Limit of three submissions per person, so make it count. Video quality does not matter, and submissions should be posted on YouTube, Vimeo, or other popular video sharing site. Make sure David can see it and hear your question clearly.

    Videos should be short - one minute or less. All questions must be submitted on or before Thursday, March 18th at 11:00pm EST. Good luck!

    Jonathan Bayme
    Dan and Dave
  2. That is very nice of you all to do that! I really appreciate it guys :D
  3. yes, this is INDEED very generous. Thank youfor giving us ths opportunity!
    i guess its time to start brainstorming for the best question of all time.

    by the way, thank you mom and dad for giving me the same initials as David Blaine. woot woot
  4. Will Magic-Con be filmed?

    It seems like it will such a large event, so I hope there will be some sort of a documentary or better yet, a set of highlights put together for it.

    I am really into this idea for the db interview. Glad he is going to be a part of it too. :)
  5. Elements of Magic-Con will surely be captured on film, but we don't yet have an exact plan of which parts. Stay tuned.

    Questions for this must be in by March 18th, so be sure to film, upload, and submit before then! Videos can be short and sweet - as simple as your name, where you're from, and your question to DB. We promise to watch every single video in order to pick out the best of the best.
  6. Cool! I will give it a lot of thought before I film :D

    - Jenai
  7. Great submissions submitted so far. Over the past 24 hours since we posted this, 20 new videos were submitted to the Magic-Con interview form here. Keep them coming. We promise to watch through every single one of them, and we will select the best of the best to be shown and asked live on stage at Magic-Con. If you haven't submitted a video of your question yet, you still have 11 days remaining. Think hard, choose your questions wisely, and submit them here!

    We post roundtable discussions all the time, but this is a particularly incredible opportunity given the rare chance to ask questions directly to a performer of DB's fame, success, and stature.
  8. If we submitted our video for last night's SNC, do we still have to fill out the submission form?
  9. To be considered by DB and the crew, yes.

    So glad to have had the opportunity to do this, I can't stop thinking about it [/davidblainegeekfan]
  10. Yes! All questions must be submitted to the submission form here in order to be considered and entered to our crew. If you submitted a video to the SNC last night, be sure to also submit it on the Magic-Con form.
  11. Just to answer questions several members have contacted us asking - yes, you can still submit your videos for this, and I would encourage everyone to do so. You have about one more week to submit your questions, so think hard and make it count.
  12. When will David Blaine's speech be uploaded online?

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