Your worst screw-ups - share your stories here!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Jordan Lapping, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. he is amazing!!


    I personally enjoy a svengalli, Always gets great laughs, And is kinda like a force deck.
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    some reeeeeaaally good story´s in here guys :) I enjoyed reading.

    Well, i have one too. It was my Birthdayparty...yes it was mine ^^...and know..i was fallen in love with this girl, I invited to (naturally)..and my plan was to tell here....the truth ^^ she knows, what i was feeling...i was horrible nervous about that moment the whole evening.

    However some of my friends forced me to perform some magic i grabbed my cards and, as you can imagine, my body shaked sooooooo hard, becuz she was sitting right next to me smiling so beautyful, kind of excited too....(i´m famous as the freak in our group, doing all these things with cards and penspinning also) my body shivering has already been taken to the next level, when i started my little show. I was shaking, but all the tricks happened to be good and i got good reactions. I even managed some really visual stuff (duck changes, etc.) Within my ACR Routine, I perform almost everytime.

    Well, after a while a calmed down and so i decided to do the last one with her :)
    Usually im not using these "forcing a card, mind reading reveal"-tricks.....becuz i love visual stuff all the way through, prefering it the whole time...but i decided to improvise one for her.

    I don´t know why i hadn´t just forced her a card. I wanted her to take a peek, while i was riffeling through and catched a break, to control it, for taking a peak later and THEN reading her mind. But than it happens....i looked at her for a split second (sorry dudes, but i was so in love ^^), I started shaking again and ......roflmao....i lost the pinky...was.....MAN!

    I thought: Dude....she is looking at you ...and you are loosing the break ... you messed up all the way!

    Well ...i didn´t know what i was doing, so i started to shuffle the cards in every flourishy way i´am able to (got a few good reactions, but my mood was bad)

    After the shuffling action i turned over the top card (was the ace of spades...masters edition bycicle ace of beautyful) and at that point...the good thing started.

    An the Beginning, i was hoping, that maybe that card, could be her card, but she said "no" and smiled again (duuuuuude) i was kinda switching back in this mind reading theme and told her to look into my eyes....and to come closer slowly....i looked into her eyes and for any reason, i know every single detail about that moment. She was concentrating....all the others where quiet....only the other non-part-taking guests where talking at other areas of the room and of course the music was i looked into her eyes.....hardly thinking, of what card could be hers....(no chance to get the right one, i think^^) i started acting a little bit.....and after a while ...our faces were so close together....i whispered ..."8 of hearts"....

    And this is, what was so cool about....her card was the 7 of hearts....i didnt know at that point, but....she almost forgot to tell me, that i was wrong....we just stared into each others eyes..and after ages (5 seconds) ...she started smiling again and said "no it wasn´t"......well......i dont know why, but i hardly wanted to save that i stared down on the pack of cards in my hand...the ace of spades still face up on it......

    as i said, i didn´t know, what i was doing so i catched a break under the card underneeth the ace....and got into position for a shapeshifter..just to do something magical .......only to show her something ....doesn´t matter what....just a little magic trick...i executed the shapeshifter and.......

    well.....i promise, this is not a fake story ;)....but the card, which was appearing, was the 7 of hearts.....EVERYBODY watching, started to scream ...she just laughing and seemed so was even hard for me to not just drop the deck, walk out of the room, and stop doing card magic forever, becuz, that was the weirdest quincidence in my life......

    just an hour ago, i took her to side, to tell her about my feelings......yeah it works. We kissed. I think that screw-up, was kind of guilty for that.

    yes...thats what happend. I will never forget.
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    AWESOME story dude..
    That's like one of the sweetest coincidences in the history of magic :)
    Your one lucky guy.

    Oh and congratulations on the girl :)

    Ps. I dunno if I would talk to a girl about my feelings on my birthday, if she says no, you ruined your day :/
    But I'm glad it worked out for you.

    Thanks for your tips. I'll definitely remember the naming of their card.
  4. wow great story, u could put that in the other thread too, best tricks of all time.

    lol my story is very simple
    stigmata version.2

    first mistake: wrote name in black sharpie pen on a small card
    second mistake: cant read properly
    you guys can probably figure out the rest,

    well the "name" was not the one on their card, but oh wells, still got a bit of reaction coz it looked like it. sorta..
  5. Hooly **** man I've enjoyed that story VERY much! Man, I envy you so much! That's mainly because I've had a very similar story...........

    I was performing some very simple trick to a girl, who I was in love with. I got great reactions, and finally I did a card to mouth.........when she saw her card in my mouth, she was just shocked, stared at my with her mouth yeah, I was pretty satisfied with myself in that very moment. Unfortunately she's been through two other guys since then............none of them me.

    And to be a little on-topic, my worst screw-up was.............with my friends I think. They are all hecklers and always make fun of me when I perform, so you can imagine, if I would screw-up, that would suck. Well, I did..............I was doing some kind of "select a card, lose it, reveal it" trick. And when I did the revelation, a completely wrong card appeared.............I didn't have enough time to even say something, my friends were all laughing and pointing at me, so..........yeah, that's about it.

  6. soooooooooooooooo great man xDDD...kinda made my day ^^

    thank you for enjoying my little story ^^ and sorry for the bad grammar and stuff :/ ^^
  7. Damn, Cor-E... haha I need that to happen to me man.. hahaha

    I recently tried to tell the same stuff to a girl.... trainwreck...

    That was a great read man.

    PS. Glad you liked that, phore.
  8. I use one for a kicker a the end of my ACR (Look ! You choose the only different card !)

    For other tricks to, but never as an actual "Force" deck.
  9. I remember the worst screw-up trick I ever did is I'm chocking on my card when I'm doing the card to mouth.
  10. Um... isn't the card only supposed to go into your lips? Or are you talking about the David Blaine version where he coughs up their card?
  11. OH I CAN DO THAT!!!!

    Its amazing.

    Except not.
  12. I've actually had people think I was seriously choking and freak out.
  13. Noice. I just cough once and out it pops.

    i do whatever possible to keep my hands away from my mouth
  14. i'm young sort of a noob to magic less than a year now but the worst thing i've had was performing Panic for a friend, acidentally messed up the gimmicks:( (for all of you who have the trick, let's just say i messed it up so tthat they couldn't tell i was using a gimmick lol). then the worst part was after the trick he grabbed the deck and saw the four non-gimmicked kings on top and i was still holding the gimmicks (we were sitting down so i couldn't ditch them in my pocket without it being obvious. and then he told everyone else that i used 8 kings when doing magic :p
    not a good experience. and i've also had people forget their card during the biddle trick. i'm doing the bit where i have four cards hold up indifferent card say was it (name their card)? and i named their card but they that wasn't it (i said KH it was KH but they thought it had been KS so i just do the tent vanish anyway, have them go through deck, find card, i say there's your card.
    they say, no, was KS. most frustrating thing ever.

    i think you have to be very selective about your audience and what tricks you perform. you shoudl try to read what sort of person they are (forgetful, heckler, etc.) before deciding what type of tricks to do. just my two cents :)
  15. It was winter, snow and ice everywhere. I was performing on the street in the freezing cold, (I'm incredibly stupid I know), and I was backing up when performing Sinful and slipped on a patch of ice behind me. Probably the most embarrassing thing I've had happen during a performance EVER.

    I look back now and laugh about it though.

  16. Hilarious stuff guys.
    I screwed up pretty badly just yesterday, performing street magic for a group of people. Me and a friend had been walking around all day, taking it in turns to perform and film stuff. Some of the reactions I'd got were INSANE. My confidence was up, and I was loving it.
    Unfortunately, this group was full of hecklers and they were really giving us a hard time. I pulled out my "Invisible Deck", handed it to a girl in front, and got her to pick a card. Everyone was laughing. Then I took the deck out of my pocket and revealed her card (ace of spades) in the middle. Great reactions.
    Another girl said, "OK, now do it again for me!" I know I shouldn't have, but I thought I could get away with it. As I put the cards back in the box -
    Luckily, no-one questioned the mix of face-up and face-down cards, but obviously I couldn't perform the trick again. I had to get my friend, who was filming, to bail me out.
  17. Hahahaha, just imagining that is hilarious. :D
  18. I have many screw-ups. Most of them oddly involving TiVo 2.0, but I won't go there. I think that my worst screw-up yet would be a couple of weeks ago at school. Some of my friends had asked me to show them some flourishes. I thought to myself "Okay, what could go wrong?" I had a brand new deck of Tallys that I had opened and broke in no less that two hours previous to the event. I should also mention that we are outside during all of this. And it rained last night, a lot. Right when I am taking the cards out of the box, some ass-hole comes up behind me and pushes me into this giant puddle that I am standing in front of. So, I fall in, get all wet, cards go every where (except outside of the puddle), and everything is ruined. Don't worry though, I found out who the kid was. And I got him back. But that is a story for another day.

  19. I want to hear that story.

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