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  1. Before I get flamed, yes I have used the search function.

    My question is, is it wrong to post simple flourish tutorials on youtube. I am not talking about complex things like on decknique, but maybe simple moves such as fans, charlier cuts etc.

    Also what are your thoughts on such tutorials?
  2. Firstly i think its wrong and right at the same time... its wrong because we bought them to learn them... and its right because the artists behind these moves have passed away...

    Just a basic overview these tutorials either flourishing and magic... sparks a flame of interest in the viewer.... i myself got started of these tutorials :p....
  3. Me too, I got my interested sparked by simple flourishes on youtube. I believe that people should watch sometime first to see if they are interested and then purchase something like Xtreme Beginners later.
  4. Tutorials for XCM and some funny stuff are great...but NOT for bgb tricks, which you can buy....tutorial for some really beginner card tricks arent wrong, cause we want to inspire new people for magic, huh ;)
    Btw: where did you learned the eye cut? :confused:
  5. Personally, I fully support self-created flourishes taught on Youtube. Jordan Lapping, Jonas Haglund, Allan Hagen, Kevin Ho and even Dan and Dave have put free tutorials Youtube.

    And yes, I do believe in posting tutorials to very simple flourishes like a charlier - but there's a line that shouldn't be crossed. Teaching a charlier and teaching a sybil are two very different things. A sybil can be learnt from one definitive source - TOOC. However, a charlier, thumb fan, whatever, is taught in many many different places, and as far as I know, none of these sort of moves have ever been attributed to one specific creator. In my eyes, they're okay to teach.

    Please, correct me if I'm wrong in any of this.

    -Sam H
  6. Well when i was a noob, i was one of those guys that liked watching the performance video over and over again lol.
  7. Teaching the basic are okay since too be honest not everyone can go and buy books and dvds when they start out.
  8. I usually hate youtube tutorials for one reason; they are all twelve year olds with a digital camera sitting cross legged on the floor teaching horribly.

    not all of the time but it just seems to be a novelty to find quality teaching on youtube. And I think it is wrong to expose anything on the market, if it is out of copyright then fine by me.
  9. so true. ahaha. i believe that self-created tutorials and basics like the charlier and such are fine.
  10. Haha, true ! and the angle for learning is so suck, of course not all vids :)
    I try eye-cut but my hands too small for this lol
    [1st post of me, 1st time visit forum] :p
  11. Welcome to the forums!

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