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    Cardistry Private Session?

    If you have just started cardistry is this lesson good for you or would it be better if you had been in cardistry a while.
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    Help me!

    i would help but i dont have infinity v2
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    1. 08132007 2. 32100087 3. 70201038
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    Theory11 Magic Tricks tab

    magic tricks nope for me twitch is 5.95
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    The Wire: Mode of Payment

    wire payment i may be mistaken but i think one of the options is to be mailed a check
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Contest entry Red 2 of clubs White 4 of spades Blue 7 of diamonds Red ace of spades White 5 of clubs Blue 6 of hearts
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    I want to perform on the streets :)

    i usually carry aroud an invisible deck and a regular deck of cards plus some rubber bands on my wrist. i just do one trick the number one thing not to say to someone is "wanna see a magic trick?" just walk up acting like ur just trying to make friends like hey whats up can you help me with...
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    whats up dude

    whats up dude
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    Monarchs Ace Flourishe

    if you are talking about the video which the white monarchs all you need to do is apply a lot of pressure as you spread along the edge of the table if this isn't the flourish you're talking about please point me in the right direction and ill be glad to help -jackson
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    Adding Decks To Cart

    No i have no problem adding things to my cart anywhere on the theory11 site
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    Awesome Royalty Free Music
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    make your own deck

    i have seen people post pics of a deck they are making that look proffessional im wandering what the app of software that they used is called.
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    Question on Wire Account

    thanks thats what i did
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    Question on Wire Account

    does anyone know how to remove an account from the wire?
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    Gimmick free coin in bottle

    Congrats to the winner: youtube user barringer72 u will b sent the tutorial video
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