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    My New Trick (Release?)

    This sounds a lot like "Transit" by Calen Morelli in his DVD "Function 9". What you described is exactly what happens in Calen's trick.
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    Diagonal Palm Shift or 2nd deal?

    First off, you need to clarify what you're asking. Are you asking which is better or which is easier? There's a big difference. Secondly, which second deal are you referring to? The strike, for me, is significantly easier than the push off, but that's just my opinion. Thirdly, these two sleights...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

    You guys probably receive many many effects, so it's probably impossible for one or even two people to go through them all. Who do you have to decide what gets published and what doesn't? On the same topic of receiving a lot off effects, seeing as how you probably DO receive such a large...
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    Is the texture of the JAQK deck epic or what

    I don't really think this completely counts as a forum post. It almost sounds like a twitter post. If you use proper grammar and capitalization, make your sentences longer and write more on whatever subject you're discussing, you'll be good. Just for future reference, of course.
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    How are tricks on tv created?

    David Copperfield has Chris Kenner. Basically, I think the magicians get an idea and then tell it to their consultants, who come up with an x number of methods before the magicians agree on performing one of them.
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    Daniel Garcia Project - Whats the best?

    I wouldn't go as far to say that the new ones are garbage. I learned a lot of good tricks from the new ones and I use them a lot. You are right about the enthusiasm, however. He seems really uptight and somewhat nervous during the explanations. In the first three, the explanations are really fun...
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    card effects that looks like real magic ?

    Honestly, any magician with enough skill, practice and presentation can make any effect look like real magic. Magic isn't in the trick itself, it's in the performer. Keep that in mind.
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    Daniel Garcia Project - Whats the best?

    Honestly, and don't hate me for this, I kinda prefer 1 - 3 (his older ones) over his newer ones. This is just because those volumes somewhat got me hooked on learning and performing magic. That said, I think I like Volume 2 best. It has a lot of EXCELLENT tricks in it and a lot of stuff you can...
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    Orbit Control Angles

    You may want to edit your post for exposure . . .
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    Help with El Cambio Nada

    You should email Eric Jones himself. He's on the forums and I'm sure he'll want to help you!
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    Looking around to learn the second deal

    This is the best source in my opinion.
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    3 New Decks

    What's all this talk about white Lions? I haven't heard any news on them.
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    Doing Magic for Megan Nicole!

    Haha formula? Being mature? I don't think that's possible for him. Really guys, lets get back on topic. I find it really annoying when someone posts a video and then all hell breaks loose between forum members just because of one stupid disagreement. Anyways, I enjoyed the video, bro! Keep...
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    Food For Thought

    I definitely agree with you. While I somewhat see the appeal of creating a magic video for youtube to get critique, I don't think it's right when that's all a magician does. Like every other talent, magic is meant to be shown to other people and not just kept to yourself or kept between other...
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    "Casual Pass" and Clipshift

    Everything was performed great, but the "pass" was not a pass at all. It was just an overhand shuffle control, which is used all the time and is a classic move. Also, why do you use, in my opinion, some of the worst cards ever made? I bought a deck of these a while back, tried them, hated them...
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