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    Who are Ali, Burns Richard & Philip.

    I suppose, heh. I'm kept up to date with a lot of what's going on at t11, and even make routine updates/fixes to the site. Even though you might not see me around, I do have little impacts here and there once in a while :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    1) I remember a few years back you were already becoming great stuff in cardistry, then you took a break for at least a year. When you came back, you brought an onslaught of new material (THE'ME). What happened during that break and why do you think it boosted your material that much? Do you...
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    XCM = Cardistry?

    I haven't read those, they're new. But I can respond to them. Re: Cardistry always being linked to "Andrei cheating in the tournament", this is just another excuse for De'vo. Andrei is a phenomenal cardist. Look at Genesis. That stuff isn't sped up. If you've seen him in person, you'd know he...
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    What happened to the battle arena?

    The Battle Arena was never recoded into the v2 of the website. The fact that it's been gone for so long and only complaints come in now probably says enough :)
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    XCM = Cardistry?

    Cardistry and XCM are two different words to explain the same artform. You can see a bit more about this in an FAQ I wrote almost 4 years ago: The most relevant part for your question is: In this case, unfortunately yes De'vo is just trying...
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    Rising Card iPhone app - iOS4?

    Hmm -- did you have the original Rising Card? Can you try deleting it and then reinstalling from the App Store? (It might say "Buy" in app store, but it really just re-downloads it for free)
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    Rising Card iPhone app - iOS4?

    Hey Deryn, What kind of device do you have? Is it jailbroken? Have you been able to do anything with the app yet? Or has it always crashed on launch?
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    t11.bulletin - New Rising Card v2 - Released!

    Yes, it's safe to click the "Buy App" button again. After you've typed in your password, it will recognize you already bought it and will say you actually get it for free after all.
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    I don't like the dark!

    Could you take a screenshot of your browser and attach it here? I don't think we've changed anything that should make you see it all dark. Thanks!
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Posting from IE8 now, I just fixed playing videos in IE8, and some other bugs in the Basket that should make the checkout process easy now. The Tricks page also loads now. The Blog section isn't actually supposed to be open :) This is a feature we were trying to disable.
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    Instructions for rising card?

    You could also delete and redownload the app in order to see the directions again :)
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Haha! Thanks, fixed.
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    If you're seeing the old theory11 design As part of the redesign, we moved what server our pages are on. If you're seeing the old theory11 design, it's because your Internet Provider doesn't have the updated server addresses yet. We prepared 2 days in advance to make sure this change would...
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Welcome everybody! We've been (and are) working REALLY hard on this. Hope you enjoy!
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