1. JLAndersonMagic

    Best Fire Wallet in 2020?

    Theory 11! Oh my, it's been a long time since I've seen you, but I guess that's what happens when you get a part-time job and start back at college. Because of this job, it means I can buy more magic stuff, whether that be gimmicks, cards, or tricks. I have been wanting to get one certain...
  2. Arconik

    Fire In Hands

    So I was re-watching some videos and I came across this . At 1.34 I love the vanish with fire as this is much better than the weird slow opening of your hands. I was just wondering how this was done? You could of course use one of those machines that fit in your hand and 'shoots' fire. I think...
  3. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Match Magic?

    Hello hello hello!!! I've been looking to break out of Card Tricks for a bit and want to explorer other ways to perform magic with other objects. Lately, I've been into matches. I think it's something about the fire. Fire Eating Jr. as I call it. The tricks I mainly know are the Human Chimney by...
  4. J


    Hi guys, I'm planning a mentalism show. I need an opener that'll grab the audience's attention quickly. But I want it to be completely silent. Any suggestions?
  5. GrahamHorgan

    Do you own "Fire Kit", by Martin Braessas?

    I would like to talk to someone who owns this. I need help on excuteing a certain sleight please.
  6. kittytenders

    Need to figure out what trick these are

    I saw the Blaze the Offical Movie by Les French Twins and he did 2 tricks where he turned a flame into a full rose and then duplicated it. Id like to know what trick these are called?
  7. dust:ofthe_/`future

    flash paper alternatives

    I recently discovered a cheap alternative to flash paper- Tea bags! They work fine for stage magic, but for up close stuff, not so much. The problem is that there is still a tiny piece of ash that remains floating around. I am all for using it, I just felt that maybe there would be a better...

    Spitting Fire

    Where does one find a good resource for learning the professional and safest available techniques on learning to spit and otherwise manipulate fire? All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. hellafont

    Shooting Sleeper

    Just noticed that with a semi-slow and very controlled riffle of the deck from biddle grip in your dominant hand to an open palm in your auxiliary hand (riffle facing the audience) you can use the Sleeper gimmick to fire the card pretty far. Seems to go about 1-2 feet minimum each time for me...
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