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  1. O

    Hold em and blackjack

    Hello members, I am looking for Richard turner style performance ideas that gets the spectator involved in “real word game conditions” I am comfortable with my false deals stacking etc hope someone can point me in the right direction Thankyou
  2. O

    Jason England - Foundations

    Hello everybody, I was wondering were I can apply what I have learned from the foundation series (mainly gambling routines I am interested in) if anybody can share ideas I will look forward to hearing from you all !
  3. M

    How does Richard Turner identity cards? / (when someone else shuffles)

    Hello i have just started learning how to do magic and the other day i watched richard turner and he said that he was a card mechanic not a magician so i don't know if im supposed to post this question here but i thought this was the best place.. so my question is how does he know where the...
  4. Scodischarge

    Hand Mucking - Where to Learn?

    Hi guys, I've been really interested in learning hand mucking techniques lately. I got the Father Alex Download from Vanishing Inc., but as there are only three mucks taught there I'd like to have something more in depth. Plus, I'd like to hear another perspective on it as well. Do you have any...
  5. Scodischarge

    Steve Forte teachings

    Hi guys! Steve Forte is probably one of the best and certainly one of the most respected cardsmen out there. Especially his skill with gambling techniques is incredible. But I haven't found any book or DVD in which he teaches any of those techniques. Of course, there's the Gambling Protection...
  6. Scodischarge

    Second Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, me again. This will really be two questions, one for the push-over and one for the strike second. When I do the push-over second deal (I do it as Erdnase teaches with the thumb pushing over two cards at the top of the deck, not at the side) my trouble is that the top card is always...
  7. Scodischarge

    Bottom Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, I've been practicing the strike bottom deal for a while now, and in my opinion it's gotten pretty decent by now. My biggest problem at the moment is the noise, as the sound of the bottom deal is much louder than the normal deal, thus making it easy for anyone to notice that I'm dealing...
  8. Scodischarge

    Good passes/shifts

    Hi guys, me again :) I've been looking to broaden my repertoire (if you can call it that) of magic techniques a little bit, and as passes and shifts seem to be pretty handy both in card magic and in gambling I was wondering which passes/shifts you use most. It would be great if you could focus...
  9. R

    Gambling books

    Hi there I am looking for gambling books. False shuffles False deals Etc Do you know any book focused on gambling. (Please do not say expert at the card table)
  10. Nerv

    The Expert At the Card Table Help

    Hello! I received my copy of the expert at the card table today! But i can not understand the "technical terms section". Can anyone show me how the in- jog and the out- jog works? And by the "top card" or the "first card" is it the side where the card are facing the sky in dealer's grip( the...
  11. ladexterite


    Here's my 'Take' on a sleight made famous by Sharps, Mechanics, & Cheats. Although 'not there' yet, It will take months of practice, years to perform, and a lifetime to perfect. Here's a 'taste' for now.
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