second deal

  1. K

    How to not pick more than one card on second deal

    The problem I have with the second deal is that often I pull more than one card forward, sometimes even clumps of cards. Needless to say, that ruins the whole move. How do I stop that from happening?
  2. Scodischarge

    How Long To Perfect False Deals?

    Hi guys, I know this is a controversial topic with no ultimate right answer, because it differs from person to person, depending on several factors, the most obvious being, of course, how much time you spend practicing it. However, I'd be interested in what time you think one needs to perfect...
  3. Scodischarge

    Second Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, me again. This will really be two questions, one for the push-over and one for the strike second. When I do the push-over second deal (I do it as Erdnase teaches with the thumb pushing over two cards at the top of the deck, not at the side) my trouble is that the top card is always...
  4. M

    Is there any truth to this statement?

    I've heard somewhere (can't remember where or by who at the moment) that when card hustlers deal seconds, they don't care about briefs (the "gap" where the second card is seen below the first). Apparently they don't mind having a brief a mile long. The justification for this by the guy I heard...
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