1. Josh Burch

    Pencil Through Bill

    Here's my take on pencil Through Bill. I showed this video to my family, they were like, "Yeah, we've seen you do that before." While the response was underwhelming, I'm still pretty proud of it. (please...
  2. TheDerpsterKoder

    Super Visual Card Tricks Needed!

    Hey guys I need some type of REALLY visual card trick for a close-up show I'm doing. It doesn't need to be impromptu and can have gaffs but I wont be talking at all during the performance, similar to shin lin. It doesn't really have to have any color changes, and would actually be preferable if...
  3. Vazz

    Would You Buy This Effect?

    Hello, I recently came up with a effect and this is how it goes. It is a coin vanish. So your holding the coin in your dominant hand, and place the coin in the other hand with your pointer finger. As soon as your pointer finger stops touching the coin. The coin vanishes instantly. Very little/no...
  4. JustinTheMediocre

    Bill Changes?

    I am looking for some hard-hitting, visual magic to perform on the street. I would prefer bill changes, but I would love some recommendations for visual street magic.
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