2 fly :))

Dec 29, 2011
Very nice, however instead of producing the third coin, I would have just grabbed it out of my pocket or something. It detracts a bit from the 2 coin sequence a bit when you know there was always a third coin.
Jan 30, 2013
I agree with WyattSB. However, if you want to do it like this, you might want to start with a simple one-coin routine, with a dramatic 2nd coin production, followed by your 2-fly (which is very good btw) and then a 3rd coin production (also a bit more flashy). That way, there is a natural progression to more coins and a slight making the coin productions dramatic will distract from them being in your hands all along.

By the way, "dramatic" does not have to mean "hard" - a simple coin-from-ear production takes the mind briefly away from your hands to another "source" for the coins. Coin-from-pocket as suggested by WyattSB is even better as there is nothing "magical" about it and is an even better "source misdirection".
Aug 6, 2012

Good routine ,executed (like always) with great skills! Switching the 3 fly holding with coins across holding is also interesting ... But i agree with others , i think the third coin production is like putting in the mind of the spectators the possibility of an extra coin. Other than that, this still really good coin magic ;)

Good magic,

Mr Purple
May 17, 2011
If I can ask something, do you consider this more magic for magicians and simply for the sake of an AWESOME coin routine? Or would you preform this as "magic" for people? (Obviously one doesn't make the other impossible I mean generally.)
Jan 30, 2013
I don't see any problem with him performing this for non-magicians. I think he'd get excellent responses.
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