2 hours walk around gig tips?

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  1. Hello I may be doing a 2hours walker around show at a restaurant
    I have been doing magic 5 years. I am confident in my tricks. I have all my sets down my only question is I have never done more then an hours walk around
    This is a two hours gig. How do you go about that do you go straight through
    There is only going to be 50 people sitting at table
    Do I go one hour break them go again?
    It's for a 30th birthday so it'll b an older crowd
    If you have any advice I'd like to hear it thanks!
  2. There are a lot of factors that go into this. The beauty is, as a freelance artist you can set your own show sequence, and plan the format with the customer. I would plan a 5-10 minute unique routine to perform exclusively for the Birthday person. Then plan to stroll around table to table with a different 10 min. routine. Usually tables seat 4-8 people so for 50 people lets assume there are 8 tables. if you plan a 10 minute routine per table, that makes 80 minutes plus the birthday person's routine so now 90 minutes, leaving an additional 30 mins. I would plan for taking a few minutes in between the tables, always have a few illusions to perform as stand alone effects to entertain people in line for food or at the bar (depending on the catering style of course) and/or as followups for requests from the tables, the extra 30 minutes will fly by.
    Good luck..er break a leg.. and above all else have fun!
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  3. Honestly this is the best advice! :) Only thing I may add is that since you are performing for small groups, you can easily perform the same effects over and over again. If any group wants to see more then have an extra effect or two on stand-by. But honestly strolling and restaurant gigs IMO are the easiest because you can simply work out of your pockets and don't have to pack for a big show.
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  4. It's not much different than an hour gig. The advice above is great. Really, time seems to go by super fast at these types of gigs. Odds are, they will make announcements, sing the birthday song and so on.

    I always like to be ready with something I can do on stage or a platform on the odd chance that I am asked to introduce myself, or give a grand finale performance.

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