a1magician's WARYOR DISPLAY

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by a1magician, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. HI guys, its me again. And I want you guys,fellow flourishers, cardists, etc. to check out my simple display flourish in Youtube...

    Here's the link:


    Please do tell me what you think about it. And of course, what might be a good addition for it...

    I would appreciatepositive criticism from more experienced flourishers. Thanks a lot...in advance
  2. The display itself looks pretty cool, yet your routine to get to that point is not very smooth. The flourish doesn't flow, so I'd recommand just finding out a different way to get the two last cards in there position..... Thats all I have to say
  3. thanks...I'll think of a better way for it...I'll try to upload a new version and please do checkit out again soon. thanks
  4. FYI everyone...I've only been into flourishing for atleast 3 months...so go easy on the comments
  5. The display needs a way to flow into place. For a decent flourish or display the packets shouldn't be taken away from "the action" or where the flourish is happening, to be put into place. It takes a lot of practice and learning to develop personal flourishes/displays. But in no way should you stop, it is good to create your own things so keep trying.

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