Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

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  1. Just a heads up:

    Near Columbus, Ohio? Join theory11 artists Aaron Fisher and Wayne Houchin for an unforgettable weekend (February 5th - 7th) at the 78th Annual MAGI-FEST Convention.

    MAGI-FEST is one of the largest magic conventions in the U.S., with over 700 registrants. AF, W:H, Justin Miller, Bill Gladwell, and Tyler Wilson are just a few of the number of performers and creators attending. Registration starts at $80.

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  2. Wish I could go man. My mom would never let me

  3. Ahem,,, I will be there as well as a dealer this time.
    Stop by the booth and say howdy.
  4. Edited the bulletin accordingly.

  5. Sadly, that's smack dab in the middle of my midterm exams. I even have an exam on the 5th and 7th. :(

    I really wish I could go, but the timing couldn't be worse, heh.

    Well...the next magic convention I hear about will probably be mid- to late-April, which would be even worse (that would be during my final exams). I'm expecting this. :p
  6. I wish I could go. Both my sisters go to OSU out there but I can't make it...school n stuff.
  7. I am so excited, it sounds like it is going to be crazy!! I am flying out especially from St. Louis to be there. I can't wait!

    -The Illusionist
  8. i cant decide if i should go or not.. its a six hour drive plus i would have to take time off work and school. ive never been to a convention but always wanted to go. Besides that there isn't really any my area and this might be one of my few opportunities. hmmm..decisions decisions..
  9. Yeah its also like a six hour drive for me...
  10. Its like a 6.5 hour drive for me as well. I live near Joliet, IL. I am really thinking about going though. If anyone lives near me and is going, pm me and maybe we can carpool or split the cost of a hotel room or something.
  11. hey, I go to Ohio State which is in Columbus so I'll be there. Magi-fest is awsome!
  12. Looking forward to it
  13. Well, doesn't look like I'll be at this one.


    Have fun if you are going!


  14. well then that settles it, im not going either.


    (not that i could even if i wanted too)
  15. Bill Gladwell's Lecture and Performance

    If you will be at Magi-Fest 2009, I personally invite you to join me at my lecture and performance on Friday night.

    Find out what some of my students (magicians you all know) are doing with my methods. I'm sure they will answer any of your questions.

    I assure you that you will walk away a little uneasy yet very much intrigued, because you will get a close-up look at the most important prop in magic... your mind.

    I will be pulling volunteers from the audience; and if we've never met, that's even better. One of the most common statements I hear as justification to what spectators just witnessed is, "You guys had that all worked out beforehand, right? You were all just acting." I get this, because people don't want to believe that it actually happened just as they witnessed it; because it's a major shift in their belief structure.

    You will be able to integrate what you learn into your performance (no matter what your specialty) immediately, and notice positive changes in how your spectators react.

    I look forward to meeting you all. If you'd like to begin learning before Magi-Fest, shoot me a PM. I will get the material to you.
  16. I am SO there! I live just a few minutes away so i cant wait!
  17. Near Columbus OH?


    Dude, I was freakin' born and graduated there, and I still meet the youth requirement, so count me in!!!!! :D :D :D

    BTW Justin, you've dropped off the radar lately, when you coming to the shop?
  18. You go to OH state? I went there too! PM me and maybe we can exchange our real information :D
  19. I was talking to magicbrutus up there

  20. Nope, just super super busy.

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