ACR Ending - Where can I learn this?

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  1. I believe the concept is the Shawn's. He took the idea from somewhere in which a card was selected from a red deck and appeared in a sealed blue deck. It was discussed on the cafe however Shawn reworked some aspects of the method and the gave it a whole new presentation.
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    It's funny because it came with a side-note of an improved version which makes the whole thing similar to Shawn's (or actually, Shawn's version is similar to this). Cyril still does the whole routine as described. Shawn however has a way more original routine but does the ending slightly more classical (more similar to the original unimproved method than Cyril did, that is), yet both still do it as it is described (also because I don't think there is much room for improvement anyways).

    The only thing I seen Shawn adding was handing out the box (though he could've done that differently as it was far too suspicious if you were in the audience). But this doesn't make the method more original at all. And Shawn's presentation of the effect itself isn't much original either.

    All in all I prefer Cyril's routine, only because I think Shawn's skills aren't good enough to perform his own routines due to too many unnecessary and suspicious handlings. He's still genious though, and I do actually like his stuff.
  3. Thanks for the information.
  4. so...... where can this method of getting a card into the sealed box in the correct position be learned??
  5. Are you talking about the ACR routine? No one else is.
    If you are talking about the ENDING, provide a link to where this is available. I would love to be corrected here, because I'd love to learn it.


    The only sources I know (compliments of Shawn):
    >>Ricky Jays method did not include cellophane or the ability to give out the box at the conclusion of the routine. (not for sale)
    >>George Schindler's "Sealed Surprise". There is quite a long thread on this subject on ( ).
    >>Spellbinder mentions he published a method called: "Signed Card to Sealed Deck" in The Wizards' Journal #13
    >>Greg Gleason released a set of DVD's using two decks instead of one.
    >>Shawn's is the first to have the restored deck sealed and in new deck order while in the spectators hands. It is also the only one that can allow the spectator to examine and even keep the case at the conclusion.
  6. Yes, this IS Shawn's method, I asked him about it last month. He has known Cyril since he was a little boy. And the reason the two routines look different is because cyril purposly has the camera looking at a different spot when all the work is done, and in farquar's he does it with true misdirection.


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