ACR Ending - Where can I learn this?

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  1. it was a guy that was selling the secret to that effect on here somewhile back. anyways i think thats pretty sweet how he end it.

    if u ask me though i want to learn switchblade by reza, thats hot....
  2. YES IT IS hahaha very sexy effect (switchblade)
  3. my only ideas are that when the camera zooms in on the bent 4 of D he ditches the deck and pulls out a gimmicked box with a joker on top to cover. He must have forced the 4 earlier and somehow has a way to get the 4 into position when he slides it into the box somehow. cyril is amazing. the sublety he uses with the tilt move is pretty cool and i would like to know how to do it, but messing with a deck will probably reveal the answer.

    does anyone have any idea how reza does that switchblade trick? gimmicked knife? Hogwarts school?
  4. This acr routine belongs to Shawn Farquhar. He has won many awards with this routine, and has not released it as of yet. Cyril sat next to him at FISM and began performing his routine after that without Shawn's permission.

    There are very few methods in print on this subject. Shawn's method is nearly perfect. Everything is fully examinable after, including the cellophane. Jaw dropping really.
  5. Oh is it, i always thought that was Cryil own version of the ACR routine.
  6. This is nor Cyril Takayama's nor Shawn Farquhar's. And their routines aren't even similar as Shawn just does it in the end of his famous 'Shape of my Heart' routine while Cyril does a normal ACR adding his 'Back in Time' presentation. The only thing they share is the fact they both do an ACR (while Farquhar's is more than just another ACR) and they both use this ending. So people who like to make a fuss about it, please don't even care about it.:eek:

  7. I've been trying to figure out switchblade for a while. I know the card is not the same card (Sigs are slightly different, plus a classic force). And I *think* he slides a portion of the door with his left hand as his right hand stabs.. not exactly sure just a hypothesis.
  8. i have no idea....i can tell u i'm gonna do some debunking tonight....i did it with tons of wayne houchin effects....just by watching a bunch of teasers i have been able to right away fing the method, just by watching it a couple of times....reza has taken me a while, but i'll do some debunking tonight and i'll try and get at u guys if i find out ok???
  9. are you serious?
  10. No, Shawn does not use it at the end of "shape of my heart"
  11. Their routines may differ. But this thread is speaking of the ending. Having a signed card go into a sealed deck (in the correct place). Cyril used Shawn's method for accomplishing this -without Shawn's blessing or permission.
    Integrity is a key word that many magicians need to learn to value.

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    He does and I have seen him doing it. You won't see it in the classic most famous version of the "Shape of my Heart" routine, but you can look up his FISM act. That one included the full routine.

    Like I already cleared up, this isn't Shawn's so why should Cyril ask Shawn for any permission?

    And what does it even matter? This thread was in no way meant to be a Shawn vs Cyril thread. Just letting you know.
  13. Actually Shawn said that it was his method and that Cyril uses it without his permission. Shawn and I discussed this when I asked him for some advice on my version of this.

    Just answering the original post.
  14. dead.........
  15. Ok, then hereby I claim every other magic trick in the world to be mine. And I didn't give you guys any permission and you haven't given me credits or money or anything either.:eek::p

    See, in the end it's still going nowhere.:( Are you sure Mr Farquhar was actually being totally honest about it, no sarcasm or acting in anyway? If so, I can still tell that he's wrong.:(

    Unless... he created it in his basement and did only show it to the rest of the world years and years later while in the meantime a similar effect got created somewhere else on the planet.
  16. :rolleyes:
    Look, I'm not Shawn's defense attorney. Cyril and Shawn used to be friends. This issue came between them. You can believe what you want. If Cyril has to be your angel who can do no wrong, well then so be it. I'm just speaking from the discussion that Shawn and I had. Someone asked where this move could be learned and I shed some light on where it came from and that it wasn't currently available.

    I'm not sure why you keep saying this. Do you think that giving credit where credit is due is not important? Or that it may have a bearing on where this effect could possibly be learnt, now or in the future?
  17. i found it entertaining... thanks for showing it :)
  18. Actually, it is available and the instructions are from the very beginning till the very end of an ACR routine. Cyril is doing the routine almost exactly as described (this is why I believe he has had no intentions at all to copy Shawn). If you don't believe me, then don't, but I just think I shouldn't be sharing it. One of the reasons is that I think magic instructions are way too cheap nowadays, so are the ones of this effect IMO. But that's just me.

    I think credits are very important to be given, if only given correctly. Like I said above, I don't think Shawn deserves credits for this.
  19. Well, if shawn doesn't, who does?

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