African-American Magicians?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dayton76, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. I love how the smooth guy carries himself, he always looks like hes having fun and he has a nice swagger to his performance.

    Hes the only african american magician like that ive ever seen
  2. Chris Capehart is one of the funnist magicians you'll ever see. He has two DVDs out with KozmoMagic.
  3. I just want to say thanks for everyones responses to this post. I guess in the end its all about the magic, and I know for a fact that if you take the time to practice the magic will sell itself no matter who you are. Thanks guys.
  4. Black magicians?? Yes, there are plenty. I've had the pleasure to see Ice McDonald lecture this past year, and it was one of the most informative lectures I've seen in quite some time. Not the tricks, but his advice on the business side of things. Well worth the price 10 times over for sure.

    I'm also currently performing with a black magician, Reggie Rice. He dresses VERY sharp, and if you think of Will Smith doing magic, you'll get Reggie. Some people have funny acts, but few are actually funny. Reggie in genuinely funny and puts on a kick ass show too, I might add. ;)
  5. As mentioned, Chris Capehart is great.

    Eric Anderson who collaborated with David Harkey on the seminal 'AH-HA' is african american, I believe.

    Thats all I got. This does seem like a fairly strange question to pose to magic enthusiasts thoiugh. Ask a talented statistician.

  6. im a african american cardistry man not professional but dedicated

    im a african american magician i do cardistry im dedicated to it if that helps. and no i dont know any black magcians
  7. Marcus Eddie.

    He's been going to the Texas Association of Magician's convention for years now and has some incredible ideas.

    One of the things I look forward to every year at TAOM is 3 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning when him and Daniel Garcia interact with each other.

    Marcus is extremely talented, very funny, and even more humble. A true class act.
  8. There is a book on the history of black magician. I would give you the title, but (ironically enough) Marcus Eddie - mentioned in the above post - has my copy. As soon as he returns it, I will post the reference. (And yes, Marcus is a super great guy and very talented.)

    There is also a yet to be released documentary on the history of African American magicians. I have seen most of it and it is great.

    Hopefully it will find itself on a screen near you soon.

    Brad Henderson
  9. Capehart rocks SOOOOO hard in that documentary! I could watch him all day long. He's truly an amazing performer.

  10. gregory wilson

    Gregory Wilson is an amazing performer. He's absolutely hysterical, and a thrill to watch. On the DVD gregory wilson in action volume 3, he shows a performance of his and it is laugh out loud funny, some of the most entertaining magic I've seen.
  11. interesting how PC this has to be..
  12. Uhh, dude. Gregory Wilson is definitely white.

    And yeah I agree with jimmah01. Everyone's like "Mustn't tread on any toes!"
  13. He's not african american. He might be a little tanned though :D
  14. lol...... Doing a random search on my own name led me here. Yes I'm dark and yes I grew up near Harlem. But I am as black as a white Texan is British. There are hundreds of actual African American magicians, but like me the vast majority of them stay away from the magic community. I sometimes get tired of being consistently lectured by other well meaning magicians on why I shouldn't dress, talk or plainly be the way I am. So I just avoid conventions and the nerd fest.

    I also have no interest in impressing magicians. I perform magic for a living. Don't really have time for the popularity contests that some of our younger brethen participate in. I assume that all the Latino and black magicians that I know are the same way. It's nothing racial just the way it is. Just like there are thousands of unheard white magicians.

    Just search me on YouTube if your curious why magicians don't like me. lol

    - Smoothini
  15. haha I'm surprised that no one bumped this to mention Eric Jones. Another big name is Ran'd Shine. He is a very cool guy and was actually the first magician I ever met. If you ever get a chance to talk with him, do it! I learned more in the two hours I sessioned with him than I did in that whole year I had been doing magic (at the time). He's one of the top college entertainers in the country. Another magician is Benjii Bruce who again, is a great guy to talk to. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in the business side of magic
  16. I'm an African American magician. :)
  17. I don't know if it's been said, but Goldfinger and Dove come to mind.
  18. The list is massive. Benji Bruce is the freaking man. Been knowing him for years. Nobody's mentioned the Diamonds and Camaron Shadow either.
  19. Randy is a great friend and one of the most talented magicians I know. He's awesome.

    Also, Joshua Messado (Messado the Great Deceiver) is an awesome performer.

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