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  1. Jeez, i hate these things. I usually carry a deck of cards with me during school and every time someone asks me to do a trick, i take the deck out and there's a click bend! This especially happens in the afternoon cuz its been in my pocket all day. I usually just do a bunch of spring, pressure fans, and shuffles to get rid of it.

    So do you guys ever click ends in your deck? If so, how do you get rid of it?
  2. Card guard man.
  3. Carry them in your backpack, not your pockets where they'll collect your body heat and warp. And card clips....
  4. i have the same problem. I carry a card clip and it still happens. of course, it is an Ellusionist one. not sure if that makes a difference or not
  5. If you have any way to keep it away form your body. I find I bend far less decks in my front pockets, than my back ones. And if I sit down ever I just pull the cards out and set them beside me. People who know me don't even think twice about it, and those who don't know me usually ask why I have cards, then I show them ;) Win win.
  6. Yeah i've had the same problem just avoid body heat if you can or buy a porper card clip....
  7. I get it a lot. I take it like a man.
  8. Some one posted about this over at Dan and Dave earlier. Dave said that one way to get rid of it was to take them out, turn half the cards around and farrow them. Then put them in a porper and throw that in a refrigerator. Not sure if it works, but i guess it might. Might not be that practical for you if your saying it happens everyday. I would just say to either get a porper or keep it in your book bag. Also if you can, keep it in your back pocket when you are not sitting instead of your front pocket. This way the deck will hang a little looser on you and wont get so much body heat. And then when you sit (if you dont have a bag) just put them on your desk or something. Basically just try to keep your cards cool.

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  9. faroing the deck face to face and porpering helps a lot, even on silver slippers... ( just kidding on the slipper part)
  10. use a porper if you are gonna carry the cards around in your pockets.

    other than that, just switch to another deck and let the clicked deck rest for a bit in a cool dry place for a couple days or so...this also works for decks that have lost a bit of their fanability due to oils and dirt (within reason).

    the fridge theory also seems to work and also helps a soft and soggy deck feel nice and crisp again for a little while.
    If it's hot and i'm filming and its taking awhile and the cards are getting a bit out of control i'll usually throw them in the fridge while i take a smoke break.

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