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  1. So, I've developed/working on a card trick where an envelope is shown to be empty, and is placed on the table, and then the magician has the spectator pick a card and possibly sign it (I'm still working on this part) with a magical wave, the specs card disappears from the deck, and is shown to be inside of the envelope that's been in view the whole time (I'm working on being able to do it with a signed card).

    But my question is: Is this already an effect, or is there an effect similar to this?

    PS If anyone knows of any way to get a signed card into the envelope, and wouldn't mind giving me some advice, I woud love you forever.
  2. the premise for the effect is not really new, card appears in envelope, but thats not to say that your presentation will not be. i mean there is no one way to do a sandwich effect ... there are hundreds of variations out there, the outcome maybe the same but the presentations are not ... i wish you the best of luck to you on your effect.
  3. As said before, this premise has been used time and time again (my favorite application, and even more amazing than the envelope, is Jay Sankey's Paperclipped), but that's not to say that your method or your presentation won't be different than all the rest.
  4. Signed card into envelope...hmmm...

    Simplest solution is to have the envelope sealed and to get the selection behind the envelope, tear it open and pull it out as if it were coming from inside - in other words, vary the classic card from card case move.

    If you wanted to take it further, you could have a prediction card placed inside the envelope, have it sealed and use the same move to show that the prediction placed there ahead of time is the signed selection. This could work really well with one of those windowed envelopes...the prediction stays in clear sight the whole time and when you "remove it" from the envelope a slight jerk would take the prediction out of view, giving you a persistence of perception.

    Of course, with that option you have the issue of clean up. The other option is to gimmick the envelope of course.
  5. Believe by Aaron Delong...

    Signed card appears in envelope... and on the card is written a word another spec has in mind

    In your effect since it's not signed, is it the spec who can remove the card?

    I have my own effect that in a way is similar... but it's a transpo between 2 signed cards, one of which te spec has in there pocket, but I used to use an envelope

    There is an easy way for you to accomplish your effect with a signed card while still being virtually hands off, but instead of showing he envelope empty beforehand I think it would be better for the envelope to be sealed from the offset... this way they'll be curious as to exactly just what is in the envelope, and when it's there signed card... well you can see how strong that'd be for the participant :D
  6. Yes, the spec can remove their card, since it isn't signed, but I don't know about them removing it if it's signed, I'm still working on it.

    Thanks for your advice everyone!
  7. Believe is a great effect, i have been performing it for about a year now and have gotten AMAZING reactions from it.
  8. A new card to envelope has been released: Consignment by James Howells
  9. What is up with all these low-count posters bringing back outdated threads from 3, 4 years ago??


  10. OMG it's been that long already?
  11. Doesn't LePaul have work on this? He designed a wallet for it...
  12. Bob Kohler's black envelope

    Pure brilliance

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