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    Hey guys, here is my ambitious card routine, if you don't know what some of the moves are, PM me and i will post a video of what they look like. I might also post a performance. Just want to hear if you think its pretty solid, or if it needs some work ;)


    Ambitious Card Routine:

    1. Let Spectator examine deck
    2. Have them select a card
    3. Turnover pass (face down)
    4. Get a break while spectator signs their name on the card
    5. Tilt color change
    6. Turn card over on leg while spectator adds a symbol on the card
    7. Spectator insert
    8. James/Ellis loading move
    9. Turnover pass (face up)
    10. Sadowitz side jog
    11. Turn card over on leg while spectator examines card
    12. Slide spread “invisible pass”
    13. Overhand jog shuffle and triple false cut
    14. Tenkai palm to pocket while they look for their card
    15. Triple false cut and overhand jog shuffle
    16. Catch card invisibly (Tenkai palm)
    17. Triple false cut and overhand jog shuffle
    18. Flippant change reveal
    19. Turn a card over on leg while spectator examines card
    20. Pop up move
    23. Woodfield torn and restored
    24. Tenkai palm and on reveal throw card in air, Spectator keeps the card


    Most of these moves come from Ellusionist's Ambitious Card: Crash Coarse 2 DVD
    This is an original routine created by ArcaneTiger99

    some of you are not familiar with the tenkai palm:

    PM me if you want to see what a move looks like
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  3. No tutorials are allowed on this forum.
  4. Wow!...Does that ACR have an intermission? Just in case the spectators want to take a pee and get another beer.
  5. Record a performance. Tutorials are a no no on here. At a glance, it looks way too long but I guess that'd depend on presentation. Tommy Wonder has a relatively long ACR routine but it is also presented excellently and wildly entertaining. In general you want to focus on fewer phases and making the most out of them. Look at it from the audience's point of view. It may fun for you to perform but it'll end up being painful to watch after a while.

    I feel like the more phases there are the more you have to up the ante as far as selling the fairness of it and/or upping the end result. Making it more and more impossible each time. Otherwise what happens is the routine just feels monotonous. I don't care if the card visually TELEPORTS, Nightcrawler style, into an actual living unicorns mouth, If you took 10 phases to get it there the audience will start to get bored.

    It really doesn't have to be long. Tony Chang has a 3 phase ACR that is borderline poetic. I suppose it depends on what you are going for. If you want to demonstrate skill, throw together a bananas marathon ACR. But if you want to smash your spectators' brains out with amazement, focus on doing much more with much less.
  6. guys, i didnt mean tutorial, i meant i would show what the move looks like
  7. Thank you, im new to this forum and didnt know that you couldnt post tutorials
  8. I perform relitively fast...... and sometimes i freestyle it!
  9. Troll?

    Word count
  10. Guys, i no my routine is long

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