"Ambitious Ink" + "Sharp This!" Now Available

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  1. **Featuring "Sharp This!" by David Bonfadini

    Effect: A spectator's signed card is lost into the deck, then continuously rises to the top under impossible conditions. It is revealed that the reason for this is the "Magic Ink" contained in the sharpie. The magician draws a mark on the spectator's shirt then instantly wipes it off to prove the marker is magic! He then visibly peels the spectator's signature off of the card places it into the spectator's hand, then causes it to jump back onto the card. For the climax, a second spectator signs a card, their signature is removed and tossed back onto a card. However, this time, their signature lands on a different card, the FIRST spectator's selected card. The card now has signatures on both sides and can be handed out for examination.

    This effect is incredibly visual and the perfect ending for any signed card effect. The moment you remove the signature and hold it between your fingertips, the audience will lose their minds! Combine this with an "anniversary waltz" type effect for a super clean and visual jumping ink effect.

    Along with the ink routine, we will take a fun sneak peak at "Sharp This!" by David Bonfadini. This is a gimmick that allows you to draw a mark on any surface, then instantly make the ink mark vanish! Great for pranksters, magicians or anyone who wants an awesome visual effect to add to their show! www.themagicofbonfadini.com
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  2. This is a really nice routine but the website link isn't working for me. I'll probably be downloading this soon though because it's something I'd definitely use!
  3. See my above post about the link (think his site is under repair), but everything you need (minus the gimmick to draw on peoples clothes) is taught in the download! ;) Thank you for the support my friend!
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