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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. I stumbled across a new idea and method for an effect by accident the other day. Here is the effect:

    The magician displays a bottle of water, and has two spectators help him. He tells them that the water is in fact ice cold, just drawn from the fridge. He asks a spectator to hold out their hand and a tiny bit of water is poured on it. They confirm the temperature is indeed cold. However, you immediately pour the same water on the other spectator's hand and they visibly react to the fact that the water has suddenly become very hot! No switches or anything of the like. You can even do this on a single spectator and with a single continuous pour! They actually feel the water go fromq freezing cold to boiling hot in a split second!

    I am still working on it, just want to know what you all think of the idea. Has it been done before at all? Would this be workable?

    Thank you!
  2. How hot is boiling hot? I don't know if scalding a spectators hand would be a good idea...

    If it's just somewhat cold then becoming lukewarm, it may not be terribly powerful. However, if it can go from ice cold to hot, the idea does sound interesting.

  3. Thank you. Didn't really mean boiling hot.. really hot may have been better to say. It will not harm the spectators at all, but it will become hot enough tio make them visibly react.
  4. Would it be possible to make the ice in a cold drink begin to rapidly melt in front of someones eyes?

  5. No, unfortunately. Even though nothing is switched, what you described wouldn't be possible. There are a few handlings though (as mentioned above).
  6. Nice. I can thik of one meathod for thic, snd it would work, but probably wont be 100%examinable.
    unless yours is different.

    cool effect tho
  7. hey sounds great....i think it will work very awesomely.....lolol like is this this cold AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY HAND.....ITS BLISTERING lolol that would be funnyn ahaha lolol
  8. LOL. Well this is impromptu and fully examinable.
  9. that sounds like something along the line of two tricks from sean fields explicit content book

  10. Thank you for the reference. However in my idea, the water neever physically freezes.
  11. Any further thoughts? It would be appreciated!
  12. Accidently submitted it?

    I think not.

    As for the effect... Sounds interesting. But why would you do that? What is the point of making water cold and than making it hot?

  13. Because I want tea :).
  14. For magic's sake.

    Right now, there should be more to it. Some sort of flashy display of temperature change. Make the water bubble (palmed Alka-Seltzer :D) when it goes hot, maybe even foam over (except that has the risk of people thinking you slipped something in). Or maybe start warm and go to cold, a more dramatic change (if you can.) It just needs a strong visual or plot to go along with the sensation.

    Mentalism? Have three spectators hold different cups. Two have nothing in them, one has a tea bag, or hot cocoa mix or something. Blindfolded, you pour water in each cup - to the spectator's surprise, two have cold water, and one a cup of hot tea.
  15. Accidentally submitted what?
  16. Also, based on your last question... Let's ask a few more, shall we?

    Why does the card keep rising to the top?

    Why did he put a coin inside the bottle?

    There is really no reason for most magic occuring, and that is no differentv for this effect. It is meraly an effect that can be demonstrated as sort of a "power of the mind" bit.

    Thanks for your interest everyone! Glad you like my idea!

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