An urgent problem: Does theory11 bring viruses?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman2292, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys...I'm Greg and I'm 15... I need to ask you guys a question. Not neccessarily magic-related, but it is about theory11 and video sharing sites... By reading this, please don't feel as if I'm coming to you for my personal problems, just asking your opinion on a certain subject.

    Okay, today I asked my dad if I can make a video (for a theory11 battle) on his laptop (macbook pro...with the webcam) and he refused, then stated his reason...the reason was that if I make a video,I'm obviously gonna post it on the Internet... YouTube or vimeo. And he co plainer that those sites bring viruses. Funny part is that I've never heard of anyone that got a virus from those sites, and I keep telling him that sites like these don't bring viruses... I guess he's being a bit stubborn about this... another thing I'd like to address is that my dad absolutely HATES the fact that I practice and perform magic, so he's trying to get me to quit by keeping me away from computer where I can have access to theory11...he keeps saying theory11 brings viruses, as well as all the other magic sites I visit...

    In Case you're wondering, I don't have a computer, because my dad smashed mine. We have a few co puters in the house, and I cannot touch a single one because he's afraid I will bring viruses... He is way too over protective and says it can only be used for homework...COME ON!!! How old am I??? 4??

    So it seems that this thread has no point, but I'll state it now...I'm just asking for you guys to post your personal opinion on the "fact" that YouTube, vimeo, and theory11 bring viruses...I plan on showing this thread to my dad and hopefuly change his opinion... I guess he's stuck in the 70's where parents are supposed to overprotective on their kids and not let them do anything...

    Thank you very much...please respond

    P.s. I use AIM on meebo, and he bans me from IMing just because he doesn't like it...umm, can I please you're opinions on this fact?

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this...
  2. Theory11 does NOT give you viruses.

    By the way, is there a reason he doesn't want you doing magic? Just try to explain to him that it is something that you truely enjoy doing. Really, what is so bad about magic?
  3. So let me get this straight.

    You HAVE to post a video you made, it's in your best interest to visit theory11 frequently. However, people are dieing every second from disease, old age, and starvation.

    Believe me, this is not even a problem. You could just not use a computer but I doubt that will happen.

    Anyway, prove him wrong. Say if the computer contracts a virus then you'll buy him a new computer. If he wants you to show him the cash for reisurance, then you going to have a get a job my friend.
  4. it doesnt i cookie scan which shows what sites have spyware and adware , this site has no side ads which wont give u viruses. youtube gives u 1 type of adware thing but scan ur computer. but macs dont get infected unless u go on reallllly bad sites .
  5. How did you post this without using a computer?
  6. My dad was like this too.

    It just takes time and patience. Parents will come around... they always do.

    If its the family computer... who is to say its not someone else?

    Anyway, this was a situation at my house long ago when I lived with my parents. Sometimes they forget that they sometimes surf sites that are virus ridden.

    I can assure you that Theory11 is virus free.

  7. good point

    but like said before macs dont get viruses very easily you have to try and get one to get one

  8. Magic.... no duh. jk he said he used one of his other computers.

    Also the main site that give u viruses are "18+" sites, site the say "congrats you are the 999,999,999 Visitor", and ones that make u download and arent a relible ste
  9. All I can say is that your dad knows nothing about viruses. if that is his view then just turning on the computer will bring viruses. it shows that he has ZERO understanding of the internet.
    Get him to prove it to you, in fact prove it to all of us if he thinks he's so correct. show me a reputable site on the web that shows his view as 100% correct... it will never happen.
    don't do magic??? why not? does he think that cards are 'evil'? then show him card collage, Robert Giobbi gives a proper history of cards( there will be many more sources). many people have a perverted misconception in regards to a deck of cards. I was in the subway yesterday practicing some flourishing and an old lady says "cards?!?!" and then got up and walked away mumbling something about the devil. I laughed so hard!!!
    He has a mac and is afraid of virus's?!?!? again it shows a serious lack of understanding about computers. macs are liked so much BECAUSE they DON"T get virus. I'm not a mac user but all my friends poke me and say that my pc is 'full' of viruses, it isn't cause I have full protection. so if he's so scared, go on youtube then do a virus scan. there will be no virus. even contact the people who run the sites and get them to explain it to him, or just talk to a tech person somewhere and they will be able to explain it all to him.
    Lastly, he should not be trying to dissuade you from something that brings joy to you, it will only result in resentment towards him, a parent should instead encourage their child. I do hope that he will be able to see reason.
  10. No offense, but your Dad is kind of ignorant. T11 is virus free, and Youtube is virus free.

    But, everyone here knows how to settle this problem. A one on one fist fight to the death with your Dad.
  11. Also, another thing that you can tell him is that macs don't get viruses... It's one of the main selling points for mac. I've spent years on my mac and this is an older one (iBook G4). My mother uses a macbook pro and is yet to get anything close to a virus.
  12. Wow

    WOW ur dad doesent let you get on a computer cuz he thinks T11 gets VIRISUS!! wow, well i guess just battle until u prove him wrong...
  13. It is true that you can get a virus from turning on the computer.

    But! All computers come with a firewall that protects from the basics and it is good to get a firewall such as AVG free edition and a spyware detector such as spybot search and destroy.

    With these, the chances of getting a Virus or spyware is most likely to occur when you open a unknown .exe file or download something that is obvious to have viruses. Those things that say setup.exe and come from random places will give viruses. Nothing unfixable, but parents go paranoid.

    What you have to do is give your dad assurance that the computer will not get a virus. Present him with knowledge. Tell him that if the computer gets infected and unfixable, you will get a job and pay for it. Sign a contract if you have to. Just make sure your dad is educated or at least knows you are.

    Tell him something complicated about how firewalls and viruses work.

    If you're running windows, windows firewall will protect you from the vast majority of viruses. Windows defender will protect from the vast majority of spyware and adware. This does NOT mean you are safe. A more "better" protection is needed. The ones I found best are spybot search and destroy and AVG free edition. You can get them for free and legally from is a legitimate site run by cnet, a somewhat of a company. The material is not from users, but from Cnet. And if they were to give you a virus, if you sued, you would probably win. CNet says that it will not give you a virus and what is written from a company must be true or it is illegal. (From my understanding. Correct me if I am wrong.) With these and updates, you will be virus free for the most part.

    The next step is to download safely. Download only from trusted places and avoid P2P. If you download a .exe file from somewhere you do not know, use google if in doubt. As a rule of thumb, if you get a setup.exe from a site such as a video site, do NOT open it.

    And FYI, video sites do NOT give viruses. If they did, the popularity would go down and google would have a hard time. Youtube is too big to let itself die by spreading viruses. Google is investing in Youtube and will not give you viruses to make their money disappear.

    Just think with logic. Why would a big website, one that sells stuff or not, even think of giving people viruses.
    Lets use T11 as an example.

    Theory11 makes money by selling things.
    If they were to have viruses then:
    a. Sales would shoot down.
    b. People would shun T11 and the crew.
    c. Another T11 attempt will be ignored and shunned.
    d. T11 loses money.
    e. Nothing of their interest.

    Nobody wants to lose money for giving out a virus, so they avoid and prevent it.
  14. Don't worry about not being able to visit magic websites and post videos and such. Honestly, you will be avoiding a lot of magic crap by limiting yourself on what you check out on youtube and vimeo and such. Your magic can develop just as well without using video sharing websites. And though I love T11 as much as anyone, it isn't vital to your growth as a magician.

    All this to say that I understand that this is annoying. Winterline was correct in all the assertions he made. But not being able to visit magic-related websites won't be a significant impediment to you if you are a dedicated magician. You can learn so much with just a book, a deck of cards, coins or whatever your magic is.

    And, like Katie said, just wait on it and be reasonable. Don't whine to your parents about it. That just gets on their nerves and will make them want to distance you from it even more. Just wait, be reasonable, and practice with other methods in the meantime.

    Don't let this annoyance keep you from practicing and improving your performances.

  15. The best thing you could do is to sit down with your parents and ask them why they act like they do? If they realize that you are willing to sit down and talk to them maturely they'll treat you seriously and realize that magic is indeed a passion of yours and that you take it seriously. Without explaining to them how you feel and vice versa you will never come to an understanding.

    I understand how it is to not be taken seriously by your parents and have them tell you to quit. Just stick with it, they'll realize that it is indeed a passion and they will try to help you once they do.

    Good luck man!

  16. thanks for responding guys..really, I appreciate it... But I would like to say a few more stuff.. I posted the thread with my phone, not a computer, and if I go up to my dad and try to explain the situation, he'll never understand.. He ALWAYS thinks he's I guess explaining it like a civilized human isn't an option... unfortunately...

    Besides, my parents think magic is for clowns...WHAT THE HELL!! They've seen me perform for gould of people their age, and they've seen them go crazy... If I was a clown, they would laugh...they know they're wrong, but they're also stubborn and hate admitting that they're wrong...

    Thanks for the replies
  17. Youtube has been bought by Google some time ago. Google is a very well known company who make so much money it's not even funny. If Youtube has any type of viruses, spyware, adware, or anything like that, then they would make no money, they wouldn't be known as the #1 video sharing website in the world.

    Now let's take a look at Theory11. If Theory11 has any type of viruses, spyware, adware, or anything like that, then they would make no money. That would also probably mean that there not a legitimate business. But guess what? They ARE a legitimate business and they don't give you any type of viruses, spyware, adware, or anything like that. Same as Google.

    Show your dad this:

    and this:

    The links above are an evaluation done to Theory11 and Youtube to see if they are safe sites to visit. As you can see, both sites were marked as safe. These evaluations are done by a well known and reliable company that provides antivirus and intrusion prevention solutions. Show this to your dad and maybe it will convince him.

    Hope this helps.
  18. Don't show your dad this thread. Everyone is calling him ignorant so it will make him mad.
  19. That is the best advice I have read in this thread so far.
  20. Sounds to me like your dad is just trying to come up with more and more excuses just to stop you from doing magic.

    We all know that's not gonna happen. Eventually he'll have to accept it. The only thing you can do is convince him.

    You might want to make a large list of reasons why magic will contribute to you and your career. ( There are many reasons )

    Like someone suggested earlier, a one on one serious talk with him might be a good idea.

    If you need arguments, I can try and come up with a few:

    - Improves public speaking skills and interpersonal skills.
    - Helps you learn a lot about human psychology.
    - Helps you learn to think like an engineer or artist ( If you come up with your own material)
    - Helps you make better friends, thus can help stay away from drugs, alcohol, fighting, etc.
    - Might help keep you away from gambling ( I stopped gambling ever since I started learning magic )
    - Helps you learn how to use electronics, video editing, etc.
    - Helps improve hand dexterity ( You can take notes faster during class... I don't know if this is true, but he'll probably believe you anyway lol )
    - Helps you learn social networking skills that you will need later on when you will be working out in the real world.

    Thats what I came up with on the spot... I'm sure we can come up with more.

    Hope this helps ;)
    I hope your dad changes his mind about magic soon.

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