An urgent problem: Does theory11 bring viruses?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman2292, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I can assure you that t11 is totally virus free. I've posted a good amount of videos, as well as made posts here in the forums for a long time, and not once has t11 every given me something that made my computer act odd or crash.

    As for your parents not liking your magic, that's their decision. Eventually they should realize this is what you love doing, and accept it, but I can't guarantee it. A good idea would be to actually take your dad and mom to a live magic show in LA. I'd bet you could find some very good performers near you who would astound your parents and maybe make them think twice.

    Also you could try contacting a magician in your area and getting them to meet your parents and talk with them. It may not be Dan and Dave or Chad Nelson, but I know there are some friendly guys out there. Try contacting Tom Isaacson, I know he hangs around that area and he seems like a great guy.

    Hope this helps!

  2. i have learned that when someone gives more than one reason they're just looking for the one you want to hear.
  3. That's the best advice I've read yet. Definently do this.
    I don't know about the gambling part. Lots of magicians move to Vegas, and get addicted to gambling. Everything else is good though.
  4. i remember when i had to convince my father that what i was doing was indeed constructive... he freaked out when i told him i wanted to do an underwater escape...he told me i would kill myself...
    i didnt listen because i was tired of following his dreams and not my own..
  5. Mac=no virus
  6. haha, ur dad sounds exactly like mine, of course mines gotta be worse ;D ive been through stuff like this. all i can say is : since ur dad wont bother listenning to you, just get an antivirus. simple as that, then you get creative and say....yea, this sites got no viruses, but if it DOES, this antivirus will stop it. simple as that. i have to practice my card tricks in secrecy, hang out with my friends by lying to my dad, my dad is as stubborn, more stubborn than yours, so i can relate. if that doesnt work, you can always impress more people in front of him. and show him other people performing, THAT DO NOT LOOK LIKE CLOWNS =___="
  7. It's true, I've never nad alcohol or drugs, high five!
  8. Same about the drugs alcohol etc...

    But i guess ur dad allows you to use a phone too.

    [EDIT] I forgot why i wrote the post. I have a couple of viruses on my cpu YAY!! :)[/EDIT]
  9. Going about this all wrong.

    Oh wow...

    First of all, let me tell you that everyone is giving you horrible advice.

    The issue here is not if this site has viruses or whether magic is for clowns. The issue is between you and your father. I can tell that you have no respect for his authority because you are not following his wishes by going to T11 and posting this. Like it or not, he's your father, and you kinda have to listen to him. You have mentione that he's not willing to have a civilized discussion about this. I can tell that you're willing to become passionate about this, so your personal desire to perform magic will create unwarranted anger and disrespect in any conversation with your dad concerning magic. My advice to you is to put aside any personal desires and look at the situation from an unbiased view. Perhaps your father has more than one reason for not liking magic than just for the fact that it's "only for clowns." When you have an unbiased perspective, then you should be able to discuss this in a civilized matter.

    Oh, and don't let this become a secret hobby or obsession that you constantly have to hide from your dad. Please, please, please trust me on this. I know about having secrets.
  10. Please tell your dad that it's 2008.
  11. sounds like you forgot the "fighting"...!
    are you using cards as weapons?

    note the Ricky Jay reference;)
  12. Of all the responses on this thread, only Magicbysage is giving good advice. The rest is horrible and, if your dad actually reads this site, will likely get you grounded.

    "Look, Dad. I asked a community of my friends and colleagues in magic and cardistry about this situation, and read what they say." Are you kidding me? If my stepkid did anything like this to me, he wouldn't see the outside of his room for a week.

    I can tell you are mad, but you are also biased, so your question is phrased to make your father look like the ignorant bad guy. And because this site is populated mainly by teens, you're getting a lot of advice without experience.

    Some tough love here: Grow up, and respect your father. You may not see eye to eye, but he has your best interests in mind.

    Let me put it this way: My kid loves video games and Star Wars; that's what he loves, and what he does. If I see the quality of his school work, interaction with friends or anything else suffer because of those two things, they will be taken away so he can focus on what's important. He gets to play the games because he is responsible, trustworthy and an all-around good kid. If you show your father that you are able to meet your responsibilities and obligations, he'll be more tolerant of WHATEVER interests you.
  13. my dad is the same way but i go a an tech strike when he does it. I dont help him with any thing to do with tech and that includeds the TV, computer, basicly anything. So he gives up and I WIN!!!! You should do the same
  14. No, he shouldn't do the same.
  15. Haha, ok, listen up all you young peoples. Stop with the rebellious advice. It ain't gonna get anyone in any good situation.
  16. Battle Royale!
  17. well no. He could have a flourish battle to the death with his dad! then post it on the media section once hes won. that would be epic.

    but in all seriousness. Dont show your dad this thread.. it'll only serve to piss him off more. Instead, try to slowly show him that the internet has some safe sites. My dad used to think youtube was virus filled..
  18. Wtf your dad smashed your computer? Is he a raging alchaholic or something? T11 does not bring viruses, your better off going to google and looking up 'free virus downloads.'

    For the whole 'conflict with your dad' thing regarding the subject of magic, I would get really good at it 'til your at the point where your like Harry Potter and uncle vernon can't tell you what to do, so if he gets mad that dobby smashed his cake you can point your wand at him as you walk out the door and take the night bus to Hogwarts, stay there for a year and see what happens.

  19. Oh I know the feeling. You just have to show him that he's not always right. In my case, I'm korean so my grandparents/my dad's english isnt the best >_<. (although I'm born in the USA so english ftw :p)

    But dont try to put that on him. Just try to sit with him and talk. If you are civilized and mature, he might think that you know what you are talking about.
    if you do, BE PREPARED. DO NOT give the impression that you are having trouble with this stuff.
  20. ^ ^Ah looks like theory11 does bring viruses :D

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