Anaconda Dribble is Impossible

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by cardbegginer93, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Beautifull picture David ;)

    Captures the moment!

  2. Nice Teddy Bear David...;)
  3. How did you get such a clear picture?
  4. Well let's just say the guy that took the picture had a really good and expensive camera.;)
  5. Well that guy would be me, or maybe the tripod and timer...

    And yes its mainly having a good camera and playing around with shutter speed, flash and exposure settings.
  6. holy **** david nice anaconda, i saw your super-slow-mo vid on vimeo also... I gotta learn this without starting a thread about it haha
  7. Awesome stuff David!! Very very awesome!!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it'd be easier for you guys with a video tutorial. =)

    I can understand the difficulties of learning from a photograph tutorial... there are so many important points that just cannot be conveyed... like pressure, timing, how the arms really move, how the fingers slide... the details of the grip... and just so much more...

    It's like watching a non-detailed performance video that tells you what happens as it goes along more than anything else.

    So if you guys think a video tutorial will help... just let me know... and I can probably get something arranged with you know who. =)

    Plus, a little photo tutorial really doesn't do this 'legendary' move the justice it deserves.
    There's just so much more to it!

    Hit back!

    -Huron Low, The Virts
  8. Actually could you ask him for an eye cut tutorial instead, thanks :)
  9. Yeah a video tutorial would be very awesome :D
  10. So you gonna finally post the underground video of bone teaching the anaconda=P:rolleyes: Or will you make one yourself;)
  11. Haha... no to both.
    It'll be better news than that, considering that the 'underground video' is pretty old and the technique for Anaconda has evolved quite a bit since then.

    Well we'll see.

    Huron Low, The Virts
  12. milk came out of my nose when I read the title of this thread, and I wasn't within like 20 feet of milk... I know moves can get frustrating but practice lol... I remember a really hard move, 5alive by scott and sean... I was like this is impossible, wt ****. i practiced and practiced it along with many other things and hey, 8 months later I can do it. moral of the story is, practice; good posts mr. low.

    btw it's already been demonstrated by ppl like Andrei and others that nothing is impossible, I always take that into consideration when I'm painting something with a deck of cards that I previously visualized. (paintin=creatin=art). not to say that a 20 foot anaconda is possible or doing a sybil faster than brian tudor is possible, but you know what I mean... if it's been done you can do it, if you can see it in your head you can make it.

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