Anaconda Dribble Revamped

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  1. what was revamped about the anaconda?
    Looks the same
  2. mines getting there I have my anaconda over a foot now. So i guess it would be a hatching anaconda.

    Nice video
  3. "Eat this too Darren :p "

    a.) no where near the height that daren gets it to

    b.) it doesnt square up nicely.

    c.) revamped...?
  4. Agreed. :p

    I'm about where you are as far as length goes. I'm trying to get my lower hand to go down more. (You should too.) I'm also having some cradle issues as well. I'm working on them. Also, how is this revamped?:p

    I'm happy because my Anaconda is getting larger (Teehee!) every day. Soon I shall have it perfect. :D I also never bought the DVD. Learned only from the tutorial on Handlordz.

  5. 1. I know its not as long as Darrens it was just a Comment , it was not intentional geez..

    2.I do not own the Dvd Either

    3. The catch does not square up??? thts the whole reason i put this video up because in my previous video the catch was all over the place this time it just went out of hand once , all other catches were perfect .

    4. The only reason i called it revamped is cause this video was done better than my previous one where i was just learnin how to do the anaconda.. I feel i have improved a lot from before...

    If u guys feel its not an improvement plz do mention it i really need the pointers, ( yea i was thinking abt lowering my left hand too ) i wil soon be able to get it as long as Darren one day..

  6. Work on your catch.

  7. Great Job! Your catch wasn't that bad. I just watched Bone's dribble on the Anaconda Download, and he has to square it up a lot at the end....
  8. tip: aim at your lower pinky and tilt your lower hand backwards. the cards fall into place easier. less squaring up needed. also, pull your hand upwards and till it back too. let the cards fall by themselves at the end. dont push them down.
  9. its defiantly an improvement than the last vid but still not daren
  10. Nice! I can only do mine about 2 feet lol

    For right handed people please hold the deck the opposite way as described in the images because I am a left handed (but please, not upside down lol).
    Bone memakai tangan Kiri, jk anda tangan kanan maka sebaliknya dr photo.

    Pic1: Hold deck securely with your strong hand (upper hand). Thumb along the short edge corner and the deck is under pressure (just a little) from your forefinger (keep it straight).
    Pegang deck dgn tangan kuat anda dan posisi jari spt di photo.

    Pic2: In the lower hand, important your forefinger is in front, pinky at the back to ensure the cards fall to your palm and not on the floor (No pics described cards on the floor at this point)
    Pada tangan bawah maka kelingking memegang peranan penting utk menahan kartu agar tdk jatuh.

    Pic3: With the pressure from your forefinger, at the same time your thumb sort of counts the cards from the short edge, cause the cards to drop one by one equally against the pinky into the palm of the lower hand.
    Lalu drible kartu dgn jempol dan tekanan dari jari telunjuk. Jgn lupa jari telunjuk utk lurus.

    Ptunjuk lain:

    1-Best is to perform with a new deck, with clean-cut edges
    Gunakan Deck baru.

    2-Avoid windy and wet places (Beaches, Swimming Pool, Roof Top, etc)
    Hindari angin dan tempat basah.

    3-When you perform Anaconda, your upper hand is going UP while the lower hand is going DOWN at the SAME TIME. This will create a very long connected line and will hold them together until you see the crazy reaction (Wait! Just don't drop the whole deck)
    Tangan atas ke atas, tangan bawah turun ke bawah agar tercipta jarak yg besar.
    INDONESIA PEOPLE yummy .. Magic Forum In INDONESIA
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    Alright I forgive and forget
  13. hey friends. Forgive me, I just wanted to share just a fellow magician. do not blame Indonesia or magician, magician Indonesia is not like that. I'll just magic misunderstanding. I am just a beginner and still have to learn. thank you for all the criticism that you give to me. I will learn more in the ethics of magic again, so please help me to be and understand what it was magic, and once again apologize for all my mistakes and hope the world does not look bad magic Indonesia.
  14. Like I revised I forgot I left that up, Forgive and forget is probably best in situations like this.

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