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  1. I have the Daniel Madison Trilogy and am very confused after watching the preview of the 1-on-1 of Angle Zero. Is the method in TWO different from the 1-on-1?
  2. Yes,very different.
    So much simpler.
  3. Well which do you think is better?
  4. o dont have any of the angle zeros but im sure that the simpler one would probably be better
  5. The one on one is super simple, and there's almost nothing to it.
    Don't know about the D+M dvd, so no input there.
  6. Angle Zero from the DVD, also available as a 1-on-1, describes Angle Zero in more detail, while the one from TWO is a simple explaination.
  7. The one in the DVD is the exact same as the 1 on 1.
  8. angle zero from mystique is the exact same effect at the 10n1's section...
    the one in two is the same thing the only difference is that D+M didn't gave any presentation for it... just the idea for the effect... hope that helped..

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    TWO's angle zero is more complex in method.

    We have to use our own presentation,not rely on him to give us a whole script.
  10. I'd hope that most people do that by default...

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