Anyone actually met Chris Kenner?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AshleyHall, Jan 31, 2008.

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  2. I've talked to him on the phone.
  3. Lucky You. I wish i could talk to him on the phone.
  4. I talked to him over e-mail during the whole "" thing was going on. That's what really made me dedicated to going all the way until the big reveal.

  5. I got to meet him at a party at Jeff McBride's house in 2005. I remember him frying everybody with a three card monte effect from Totally Out Of Control.

  6. I wish I had met him. Talked to him on AIM through Katie (also awesome), but that's it.
  7. Not yet, but I may meet up with Katie and him if I go to Vegas over the summer.

    I talk to to Katie online all the time though.


  8. Lucky. She's hot.

    Hey, wait, maybe that's why she never talks to me...
  9. poor katie lol
  10. Yea, I've talked to him on the phone before as well. When he called, he was at Musha Cay....

    The second time he said he was hanging a few plasma screen TVs around his house....but both times, he was nothing but nice. And I've talked to Katie on the phone too, but they were in the car and I couldn't understand what she was saying and more than likely made a fool of myself, sounding completely retarded. :p
  11. I've never talked to anyone? :( I'M SO ALONE!

  12. Never fear Mitchell...I love you bro! (in a non-homo kinda way :p)
  13. Mitchell...

    You talk to me on the AIM every once in awhile. Don't bring out the lying face.


  14. You're like a brother to me... a brother I've never met, who lives in another country, that I never talk to.


  15. I think Katie knows him somehow...
  16. :p true that!


  17. I think he sad that, so that he can brag about it ;)

    But i really am alone :( In fact, im the only street magician in my country that i know of :(
  18. I met him a few times... All I know is he has a hot girlfriend.
  19. Whoah how lucky you got to meet chris kenner:D
  20. I have met him. He's a pretty cool guy. He also has two really cute dogs and a stuffed monkey.


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