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Back to the 50's

Mar 6, 2012
I am very interested in this era due to its music. I saw a local burger joint open up that is based around the theme. You can think of it as a Johnny Rockets. I was asked to perform there ,but I need tricks that go with this eras lifestyle. I am could only really think of the Runaround Sue Cups and Balls routine to perform. I would like to ask all you lovely people if you have seen any good tricks or ideas that might fit this? I gave thanks in advance for any responses.

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
What would Vernon do? Much of Vernon's career was set in the 50's. If you are doing close up magic I'd start with him as many of his most popular ideas began coming to fruition in the 50's
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
Classic bits from that era (and given the atmosphere you describe) include Thimble, Ring & String, Coins, Cigarettes (were really a big deal back then) as well as "Playboy" styled routines that could involve everything from working with a Dye Tube to producing a Martini.

Sponge was used back in that era but not as we know it now days; rather, they used raw sponge or "artist sponge" and did routines similar to the Levand's Bread Crumbs, the classic Sponge & Bowl Routine (ala Goshman) and so forth.

There was a great deal of chemical based magic in those days too but if you're doing close-up I'd stay away from that arena for a handful of reasons; the biggest being that most of those chemicals are now controlled and classified as "toxic".
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