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  1. Hey guys, after a short break from the community, I am back with some new stuff.

    Before I get uploading, I just want to put my reccuring video back because of all the

    great feedback. I have lots instore so stay tuned and subscribe. As for the two

    effects (if you guys no what im talking about) they will be shortly released as a free

    ebook along with some other effects.

  2. seeing this for the second time, but it still amazes me. :)

    subbed... again
  3. Sick Man saw this before but nice. glad ur back man!
  4. lol Thanks guys for the feedback again but i have some great material in store so stay tuned
  5. Hey Nick , already saw this again but just wonderin how the vanish d*** is comming along.
  6. haha hey man, THIS IS awesome i love the feel of the video and the cardini change is flowless, amazing. why didnt u show m e this when we were chtting.
  7. Hey Robby, thanks for the feedback but I dint show u this cause at the exact time we were chatting, it was rendering. :)
  8. Ahh. gotcha man. that sucks, but o well. get on tonite and we can chat.

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