Battle Tournament - Magician's Challenge 1

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  1. Just so you all know, the people on my list for the tournament are as follows:


    Make sure that you check the notification thread for this tournament ever Friday as well as Monday and Wednesday. Tell everyone you know about this so we have people to vote the winner as well as the loser for each round.

    Benjamin Dove
  2. Umn.

    We can't do 12. If we go for elimination rounds, that means one half of the people get kicked every round.


    Round 1: 12
    Round 2: 6
    Round 3: 3

    We can't battle with an odd number of people. 16 would work (16,8,4,2)

    Just a thought.

    Oh, and do we get any bonus points for winning a tournament?

  3. I am thinking 12 10 8 6 4 2
  4. my original idea was one person kicked every round till we get to 4 for the finale... but I think 2 months is too long... what do you think
  5. 12-9-6-'Final 3'.

  6. How are we gonna decide who gets out? Are they gonna vote? And then the four with most votes are out? Then we can do 12 (12-8-4-2-1)

    But it's gonna be like a month.
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    Deeper into my idea:

    You start with the 12, a 1-1 (6 battles), in the arena. The worst 3 voted videos - the 'uploader(s)' will be eliminated. Hince there will be 9 left, well there aren't enough for 1-1's so 3 people are chosen at random and instead of battleing in the arena will upload their video's here, and once again the bottom 3 voted videos - the uploader(s) will be eliminated.

    Down to 6 - we are back to 1-1's in the arena, and the same as before, the bottom 3 voted video's will be eliminated. Down to the final 3, instead of having a 3-way battle here, the votes for each person's past video should be added up, and the one with the most votes gets a 'bye' - this means that the other two have a 1-1 battle in the arena and the winner faces the person who received the 'bye'.

    If there are any questions about this, PM me, if you don't like it, ignore it. =P.

  8. Guys we need one more person so please try to find one more person. Thanks! and check the announcements soon as your challenge wil be there.
  10. I am in the tournament and can not find where my first challenge is located can some one please help me.
  11. Check the Battle Tournament Announcements Page.
  12. Do you mean one more person to play?

  13. Sorry we have 12. But next season we are open.
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    I'm f***** now. The only trick that I have that might work for this would be cups and balls, and I haven't done that in 7-8 months.
  15. Someone can take my place.
  16. No thanks.
  17. If dasuprememep doesn't want to be in the tournament, I'll take his place.
  18. You're in Teddy! Check the announcements, and for the pairs, just take dasuprememep's partner. Be sure to pm the partner.

    And as for dasupremep, you will not be welcome to this tournament if you are to flake out after 3 days.

    Benjamin Dove
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    Great! Thanks.


    Sh*t, I just realized the theme was Parlor Magic. I'm away for 4 weeks with no spongeballs, ropes, D'Lites, handkerchiefs, thumbtips, etc. I don't really have anything to use.

  20. Sigh... guess I'll have to do it. I'm in!

    Sike!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm not! Just when you got your hopes up enh?


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