Beginner Flourishing Battle

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by trigun0x2, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I'm only 3 months into flourishing.

    Anyone wanna battle?
  2. I do I do!
    I just started like 3 months ago lol
    the only thing I can do ood is the worm..
    send me a chalenge Ill upload a video right now :D
  3. Sure! Give me some time to film a video though.

    BTW, I can do more than a werm lol.
  4. whats the rules?
  5. I challenged you.
  6. ok whats the rules though?
  7. Let's just say, 1-2 minutes, editing allowed.
  8. I accepted your chalenge,
    I cant make a video now any ways, I wana learn a few more flurishes, becuse I kinda suck man..
  9. Lol, so what now? You have about 5 days.
  10. One to two minutes??? all I am really good at is the werm lol
    that only takes like 4 seconds... can we change this?
  11. Oh, you mean just one move? I thought were doing like an entire video... With multiple flourishes.
  12. No I cant do that, yeah how bout one move?
  13. Nah, 1 move isn't much point.. =(. What now? Can you cancel the challenge?
  14. no :[
    uhhhh yeah can you?
  15. Nope... Just let it be.
  16. *Plays taps*

    ok well sorry to let you down like that man:(
  17. Hey, Mike0092, my advice is learn some basic cuts off Youtube starting... Now.

    Just throw together a quick video, literally 45secs to a minute so that this challenge is worthwhile and can be voted on :)

    If you want to go for it here's some ideas:

    Nucleus cut
    -If you can't do the revolution cut do a charlier one handed cut :)


    My favorite - Sybil 947

    Cuso's flip cut

    Just watch them and go along with the cut. Get it in your head and watch the video as many times as you need, practising as you do. Make sure you work on smoothness and let the speed come.

    I know you haven't got much time... But I hope this helps.
    Good Luck!

  18. Thanks!

    I am still in ;D
  19. Oh, so I'll still make a video?
  20. yEAH, are XCM videos suppose to flow like a magic routine? I have been doing magic for a while now, but just got into XCM, but say I do that KFC cut can I go straight into the werm? then out of the werm and into a veration of the KFC cut?

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