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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goodtechs, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Wow - I do believe you're right! To clarify, these are the cards on the background image for the "Beginners Get Started" link on the main T11 page - there was a question about these a while ago. How did you manage to find these?
  2. I found those searching for playing cards pics on google.:)
  3. wait... what are you talking about, did i miss some thing? was some one looking for this?
  4. I would love to have those cards.
  5. I would love to have you.
  6. {soothing voice}
    I would love to give you both hugs and make you call me daddy... yeah
  7. Is it my irresistible charm or my boyish good-looks? :p

    ....for real though, those cards are awesome.
  8. I bet you win some kind of special prize.
  9. There was a topic about this some time ago, a few weeks from memory. It was just a general question no-one could answer. Nice one, goodtechs.
  10. Thanks praetoritevong, and btw i'm straight...(those posts above...:()
  11. those cards are pretty sweet.. but i'd only want them if they were on at least like.. regular bike stock.

    incidentally, i couldn't actually find the thread to find the cards from the ad. it was irritating me.

    thanks mr tech!
  12. You're welcome.
  13. Any one know where I can get them?

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