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    Wow, I really got under your skin didn't I? LMAO.

    3 post going back to the original OP's comment have been posted above your new comment, it's over...get over it, and yourself and you'll be much better off. Also, telling another member of the forum how they should or should not construct a post usually won't go over very well because it is not your place or anyone else's places to tell someone when they should or should not be serious or otherwise.

    Worry about yourself, and you'll be just fine Mr. Helper.

    From now on I'll just let the moderators handle your harassment, because someone such as yourself will just keep coming back with remarks no matter what.

    10 different members, 3 moderators and the T11 owners could say that you were wrong and that wouldn't matter, you'd just make another post telling them how they were the ones who weren't right, and on and on and on...

    You want the last word on this? Fine, you can be the one with the last word and I'll just be the mature one.

    - Steve
  2. While I do not personally own this, almost everything Ammar has put out has been very well done, so this could be a good idea if you want to go down the DVD path. In my opinion, Ammar is one of the best teachers in magic in the world today.
  3. Rick already gave you a good idea, though I am going to say just start with Royal Road to Card Magic. It's a cheap book and has a lot to offer in it. Everything else that most people keep mentioning is either going to cause information overload or cause you to end up putting a bunch of things in the closet.

    Royal Road to Card magic is like 10 bucks I think and if you take your time with it, it should last you a few months. IF you want, you CAN also get the R.Paul Wilson DVD set that goes by the same name.
  4. I think it is time to lock the thread. Enough information for him to begin has been delivered and he can start to choose his material.
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