Best double lift?

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  1. Hmm, maybe I'll get hung, drawn and quartered for this, or maybe some of you will agree with me. To sum up my view though:

    'The best double lift is a double lift that to you, is not a double lift'

    What I mean by that is, if you're more conscious about whether they're questioning your double lift, then you're drawing more attention to the fact; and by drawing attention to it, they start to question and the more they start to question the more conscious you become of it... It's a vicious circle :p

    It's been said so many times but it's so true! If you don't pay attention to it, they (laymen or spectators) won't pay attention to it. Let me give you an example:

    I was playing with my cards and my magic friend was sat next to me, I dribbled the cards and when it got to the last two, I snapped them off my fingers and held them as one. I put them back on the deck and did a card-spin, turned it over to see the card change and my friend stopped what he was doing (also dribbling cards :p) and said "What!?... Wait did you jus--?"

    Maybe that makes the point clearer, because I wasn't deliberately making the point of doing a double lift and was literally just playing around, my friend didn't notice and he has the magicians eye of a hawk. TRUST ME!


    There will be times when you come across a right meanie who will be looking for every discrepancy; and it's these times when I would say it's alright to be a little more careful. For instance:

    I was doing a short ambitious card routine for my other magic friend (yeah there's 3 of us!) and I decided to see if I could lose him, just for fun. I started off with him picking a card and I controlled it to the top (he thinks my pass is amazing, but I would adamantly tell you it really isn't)... However, when I showed him, I showed him the (actually single)card in a solid double lift style (the one where you frame the card in a box and lever it over with your thumb) and he smiled a knowing smile and said "go on...". From here I did a Marlo Tilt and proceeded as usual, I showed him his card had come to the top and he must've thought I was crazy or something. I showed him I put his card in the middle and acted as if I was going to do another pass... I didn't of course and I turned over the card as I had been doing all throughout. Now I'm not one for feeling good about 'getting one up' on people but it felt good when the words that came out of his mouth were:

    "Yeah... So, what is it? Dupes?"

    Hopefully I've got my point across, I know it's a bit of a read! Thanks.

    - Sean
  2. All I have to say...Larry Jennings Snap Double...

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