Best double lift?

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  1. I use several of the DLs taught on Gregory Wilson's Double Take. Alot of them don't require any sort of break whatsoever. This can be very helpful when a spec is burning your hands. If you are looking to learn many different variations of a double lift, I highly suggest you check this DVD out. It also teaches a few great tricks.
  2. right exactly
  3. I think the best doubles lifts are the ones that you perform the most effortlessly and comfortably. If you are unsure of yourself when performing them, then they will look like a move and not just a simple turning over of a card.

    The best double lifts should not look like a move.

  4. I often use my own version of the instantaneous double lift.

  5. i use the double taught in the trilogy in the trick tivo 2.0 I just love how good it looks and how easy it is to do. i also like using the push of double and the knock out double
  6. I always do the turnover double. That always words the best for me.

  7. I agree with Scorch420
    Gregory Wilson's Double take is a great DVD to learn many DLs
    I personally like the Strike DL

  8. I use a thumb count DL, but that's only because I've been having difficulty with the push-off DL.
  9. The thumb count get ready double is one of the worst doubles. It's a break in rhythm as well as habit since the only time you lift up the card that way is when getting a double, all other times you are lifting single cards off the deck in your regular way which 99% of the time IS NOT the same way as you lift off a double via thumb count.
  10. I almost always do a push-off double lift. The key to getting it right is your first, middle and ring fingers must be almost flush with the top of the deck. Those fingers are what control how many cards get pushed off by thumb. Give it a try, it takes a lot of practice but it is so worth it. Mine is darn good but I am still practising it every time I have cards in my hand. You can never be too perfect right?
  11. Magical DL, and where to find them

    I use several different DLs, depending on the situation :

    - the Diving Board Double by Lee Asher, that's a very convincing DL, it can be done one handed, has an acrobatic variation where the card spin one foot above the deck, and is definitively a magician fooler !
    - the DL taught in Born to Perform by Oz Pearlman (I don't know it's name, but it's a good one)
    - the DL used by David Stone on "the Real secrets of Magic", again a very convincing one (he takes the 2 top cards in biddle grip, and then snaps them face up holding them between the first and second finger)
    - a DL that I found myself, though it must have been already found by someone else ! :D : Holding a break below the top 2 cards, you put your thumb on the lower right corner, and your second finger on the top left corner. You then just move your right hand to the right (turning clockwise), using the fingers of your left hand to flip the card. As the cards are held diagonally, they stay flush.

    Hope it helps ! :)
  12. I think that's its been already invented. I've seen Marc DeSouza, though he may have gotten it elsewhere, perform that in his DVD. Nice try, though.


  13. Yeah, but look at the end of the video, Marc gives me credit I think (at least he told me he would !) :D

    Btw, I just checked : it's more my right index finger that flips the card over than my left hand's fingers.
  14. The double lift I use is where you just pinch the deck with the thumb and use the index finger of the other hand to feel out and pick up two cards. The name has left me for some reason but I learned it from Greg Wilson's Double Take which i would recommend to anyone wanting to learn multiple double lifts. Although, when learning multiple double lifts it is important to remember that picking up the cards in a different way every time will lead the spectator into suspecting you are doing something special with the cards every time you handle them.
  15. Ah, now I see the difference - I guess you are the rightful and original creator; you might want to consider creating a instructional DVD because the move sounds complicated, but the effect is flabbergasting. :D

  16. The best dl I always perform in my routines is Lee Asher's diving board double and I also use the push off dl.
  17. I would recommend looking at the very first chapter of Expert Card Technique where it is said:

    "The ideal double lift is the simple pushing off of two cards, as one, with the left thumb in exactly the same manner as in dealing."

    This chapter and quotation are often referenced by the great Harry Riser, who puts this advice to use wonderfully in his versions and other versions he teaches of the double lift and turnover.

    Hope this helps.

  18. I would say, the classical as said in the previous post.

    Just turn over 2 cards as one, as you would normally do to 1 card.
  19. yeah, heres what you can do, turn over a card, usually you push over the top card with your thumb, catch it on your middle finger tip and push it over (thats how I do it) now, work out a double lift with the same principal, simply put, make it look as close as possible, if you practice it enough times you can get your double to go off the pack and flip as one card, which I think helps as a convincer.

    Another way if you want to know how to look totally natural if your just wanting to change completely, is to hand the cards to your family or friends, and just say, show me the top card, and it's an unbiased show of the top card, don't say flip over the top card, because then they're told to flip it over, tell them to show you the top card, and see how they do it, and you can learn to do it like that.

    you don't need someone to tell you how to do a double lift, have your own unique double lift, that nobody else uses, or maybe they do but you figured it out on your own, and that will be the most natural one for you, and the cleanest one.


    ps. sorry for the essay, but it's a broad topic that should be explained in depth.
  20. my favorite is the snap double because its very reliable, like you wont accidentally pick up 3 instead of 2 (i did that a few times with the strike double, i know if i practiced more that wouldnt happen but sometimes even sankey messes up. if you watch his vids he will fidget with the strike double sometimes.) also the snap double catches peoples attention, that little snap is great

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