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  1. Like I said, it's a person's decision whether he will read and post.
  2. But asking for people to read your post and provide advice on something you say you are "serious" about, but then completely ignore what they are telling you because you say you are "lazy" is just wasting everyones time. If you are too lazy to actually do the work maybe this isn't the thing for you.
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    Fellas please try to stay professional on the boards.

    Enzo...most of the frustration here is the fact that many of us here do a lot of research on our own, read reviews, subscribe to magazine like Magic or Genie, etc. and every day (practically) you ask the same question numerous times about "What is the best such and such..."
    It seems like you are wanting spoon fed all of the information that the rest of us have researched and spent time on....That is why you have a lot of people who get tired of seeing your posts. I'm all for helping out others on our forums, but it comes across that you do not want to do anything for yourself that requires some effort and time commitment on your part.

    It appears to happen like this: Enzo asks a question regarding what is the best impression pad. Enzo goes and buys it or has parents buy it and then Enzo performs said effect. One week later, Enzo asks what is the best levitation....and the pattern continues.

    By no means am I making fun of you, I'm just trying to show you where a lot of the frustration from our members is stemming from.
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    Same here. I do A LOT of research, read reviews. The difference is I haven't subscribe in magazine like Magic or Genie.
  5. That is not true. Again I'm just asking questions and it's your decision whether to give information or not.
  6. Again, that is not true.
  7. Not true again. I only bought 2 products from all my questions and your suggestions.
  8. If that's the case then sorry. Maybe theory11 is not the place for me.
  9. I found a good place with a lot of magic related info. It has links to product reviews, previews, even performances. Basically you can find the best everything here, check it out.
  10. I know. That's what I always use. I'm just posting in theory11 for additional opinions.
  11. Enzo, you keep saying over and over you're just asking questions. And therein lies the problem.

    You're ONLY. ASKING. QUESTIONS. You are STILL putting no effort into telling the board information it needs to better suit you, but apparently you have no problem putting effort into continuously arguing against it. In fact, the entire 3rd page of this thread was MOSTLY you trying to defend yourself.

    Here's a thought: When people are trying to help you, try giving them the information they need. That being said, I'm going to quote Steerpike once more in the hopes that you'll read it instead of getting defensive.

  12. Enzo:

    You have to understand that the folks on the forums know a little something about magic. We've all gone through the phase of wanting to and/or getting lots of new material and learning all the secrets. As a beginner in magic, it is fascinating. Especially when we get good reactions when we quickly learn and performing tricks. From your perspective, you want to explore all different areas of magic and perform all different types of effects. We've all experienced that at some point.

    Then most beginners discover something. They know a lot of secrets (and feel let down by quite a few of them), they can perform (but haven't mastered) a couple of tricks and their our audience doesn't seem to react the way they want them to. At that point the magician does two things... they stick the DVDs and decks on a shelf and move on to another "new" hobby or they realize that the magic isn't in the effect but in how the magician presents the effect. Reread what is in italics. Think about it for a minute.

    The first implication of that is that your time is better spent perfecting the presentation of the effects you have, rather than buying more effects. Buying too many effects at once generally results in you rushing through learning the effects and then performing them before you are really ready.

    The second implication is that there is no "BEST" effect in any category. There may be a best effect for what you want to do, but answering that question requires a lot more information about your skills, your abilities and what you want to do. Yigal Mesika's Haunted Pack using the Tarantula is great because you can put the deck on the floor and perform the effect. Angelo Carbone's T.I.D.L.E. (Totally Impromptu Deck Levitation Effect) is amazing and can use a borrowed deck but requires hours and hours of practice to do the effect and requires you to control your spectators so that they aren't watching from bad angles. What is best for me isn't necessarily best for you.

    My final thought is that real magic doesn't exist. Too often our search for new material is the search for real magic. Something that has a method that really does the impossible. We know its not out there, but we are really looking for the effect that has no downsides. No gimmicks, no tricky sleight of hand, no problems with angles, no preset, no clean-up, fully examinable, totally impromptu using borrowed objects that completely amazes. It doesn't exist. Every effect, every method has tradeoffs. We see something performed and we are amazed but that amazement fades as soon as we learn the method... we watch the trailer again and think to ourselves - oh man, that is soooo obvious. The challenge for a magician is to recreate the experience we had when we first saw the trailer for the spectators -- that is what they see, not the method.
  13. Great words, thanks for that.
  14. Thanks for these advices!
  15. Thank you David. Sometimes you have a better way than I do of getting a message across and you made some VERY valid points to consider for not just Enzo's sake but all of us.
  16. Your welcome. Please do me a favor. Reread what I wrote and then go back and read the various threads you've posted. You will see that people are trying to help you. Yes, by NOT answering you questions, people are trying to help you. Even Steerpike is trying to help you. His recommendation of Mark Wilson's Complete Course (absent his urge to beat you over the head with it) is an excellent one. You will learn more about magic by working through that book than from 10 DVDs.

    The folks (including me) here are trying to teach you something very important. Not about doing magic, but rather about HOW TO LEARN MAGIC. My advice is to listen. Don't let your ego get in the way. Accept the advice people are giving you and act on it.
  17. I was just about to post a thread about how to make tricks more powerful ,but you answered my question. This is some very helpful information. THANKS!!!!
  18. Hi!
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks!
  19. Oh yeah. One more thing I would like to add. Don't simply take advice from noobs like me. Get real, useful advice from those who have already accomplished what you are trying to do.

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